Calhoun County Project Award Information

 Guide to Calhoun County Award Applications

·          All 4-H’ers wanting to be considered for an award must complete an award application (one for each project area or award) and a record book. (Additional copies of the award applications may be made as needed.)


·           All record books and award applications need to be turned into the leader) by September 15.  Leaders will then need to review the material and turn in the verified project award applications and the verified special award applications with their record books to the Extension Office by September 30.  Do not turn in record books to the Extension Office for project awards.  Record books must be turned in to the Extension Office for special awards. 


·           The project records needed to complete the project award application form must be separate from the “Yearly 4-H Summary.”  Project areas summarized on the back page of the “Yearly 4-H Summary” will not be considered for an award.


·           For Intermediates and Seniors, the Citizenship activity must be an activity done outside of their immediate family (for example, don’t list:  Doing dishes for Mom or weeding Grandma’s garden).  In addition, seniors must have activities that are self-generated (an example:  The 4-H member organizes and completes activity).  Juniors may use activities such as weeding Grandma’s garden when she was in the hospital, etc.


·           For special awards, the 4-H member may reference specific pages in their record book.  You can also e-mail us for a computer-generated copy of the project award and/or special award application.  We have them typed in Microsoft Word.


·           If you have any questions, please give us a call at the Extension Office: 712-297-8611.  Thanks for all of your hard work!


Project Award Requirements.pdf


Project Award Cover.pdf


Project Award Application.pdf


Special Awards Requirements.pdf


Special Award Application.pdf

4-H Reading Award Application



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