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Brenda Schmitt, Susan Taylor, and Barb Wollan blog on topics such as long-term goals, day-to-day financial decisions, managing credit, and getting ahead.  The three financial educators are grounded in the same core of solid financial management research and practice, but each offers her own point of view.

“When it comes to finances, a lot of information is available, but is it all trustworthy? Unfortunately, some information is based on inaccurate assumptions, and some comes from folks who want to sell you something,” noted Wollan.

“ISU MoneyTip$ provides research-based information that is not commercially biased. We aren’t selling anything, and we have no vested interest in your financial decision-making. Our concern is to provide ideas and information that help you make the financial decisions that are best for you,” Schmitt explained.

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“Resources are important whether you have them or you want them,” Taylor said. “Sometimes a suggestion on the blog may sound silly, but it may apply to your situation. Tips that can make life easier in tough times can make a difference.”

Added Wollan, “Some folks get all tied up in fretting about things they can’t control, or trying to learn a lot of complicated rules, and so they forget to focus on what they can control: their own decisions about what to do with the money they have.”

Smart financial management is a priority for almost everyone, whether just starting out or already well-established. New information, products and challenges never stop coming, and occasionally some “old” information also is timely, according to the family finance specialists.

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