Record Keeping

Record Book Guidelines and Forms

Recordkeeping doesn't have to be hard!  Simply include the following things in your Record Book.

Books are due to your club leaders in September.  Leaders must turn in your book for an award by September 30.

  1. Butler County Expected Standards form.  Completed and signed.  This form tells you what to include.
  2. A Cover Page with 
    1. Name
    2. 4-H Club Name
    3. Grade in School (the one you just completed)
    4. Number of Years in 4-H
    5. Photo of Yourself (optional)
  3. Yearly 4-H Summary (only the current year is required)
  4. General Support Materials (photos, news articles, etc.)
    1. Tip: these are support materials that don't correspond with a specific project area or exhibit you will include a project record for.  Materials supporting a project should be placed next to that record.
  5. Project Records (Goal Sheet/Project Record - you completed this for your fair exhibit)  ~or~
    1. Seniors - Advanced Project Record (recommended if applying for Project Awards)
    2. Intermediates - Experienced Project Record (recommended if applying for Project Awards)
    3. Juniors - Basic Project Record
    4. Tip:  Include any communication, leadership, or citizenship work you did within the project area on the record.  For example - In woodworking you might have taken a birdhouse to the fair, did a presentation on sanding technique, and volunteered to build and donate benches to a park.
  6. Project Support Materials (photos, newspaper clippings, etc. supporting the specific project area)
    1. Animal Project Worksheets can be found at the Iowa 4-H Recordkeeping Website. Scroll down and click on Project Worksheets for specific project areas. 
  7. Recordkeeping Award Application
  8. Record Book Evaluation for your club leader to use to evaluate your book.
    1. Sr./Int. Record Book Evaluation
    2. Jr./Little Clover Record Book Evaluation

Iowa 4-H Record Keeping Overview