Winter Preparedness Tips

Ready or not, winter weather will soon be here.  Consider the following reminders as you prepare for the return of winter weather:  1) Change batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors at home and at the office when daylight savings time ends.  2) Does your office have snow removal plans for sidewalks and parking lots in place?  Have they contacted with anyone?  Is the agreement on paper or just an oral agreement?  3) Does your office have snow/ice removal equipment and supplies available for touch-ups on sidewalksand driveways (is this an employee responsibility or does the contractor do all touch-ups?  4) Learn the lates on winter driving conditions at
This site also includes several helpful tip sheets located at the bottom of the webpage which include: Winter Driving Tip Sheet, Winter Survival Kit, Reduce Speed, Driving Maneuvers and Trip Preparedness.  5) Do you have a winter survival kit in your car?  To learn what to include in a winter survival kit check out the following video:

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