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August 26, 2021

How we think of stress and how we handle stress might be as important as the stress itself. These publications are dedicated to the many dairy farmers and other farmers who have felt farm stress beyond their comfort zone and for the many others who might benefit with more attention paid to their family's mental health for both farm and family well-being. 

Intro--Managing Farm Stress and Distress: Mindset Tactics for Happiness, Brain Health, and Behavioral Well-Being

Part 1--Mitigating Farm Stress: Mindfulness Over Emotions

Part 2--Distressing Farm Relationships: Intentional Attitudinal Behaviors

Summary--Fixes for Brain and Behavioral Health: 30 Key Tools in the Farmer's Mental Health Toolbox

July 22, 2021

If you missed any of the 2021 Butler County Fair livestock shows, you can go and watch them at your leisure, click the link below:

April 1, 2021

Find 100+ publications with facts about flowers, vegetables, herbs, fruits, lawns, trees and scrubs on the ISU Extension Store: or see FLYER

January 27, 2021

Check out our latest edition of Clover Comments!  
You can find everything going on with 4-H, from your club leaders to information on our website regarding monthly 4-H happenings around Butler County in our bi-monthly newsletter.

November 24, 2020

ServSafe Food Safety Training classes are being offered in Black Hawk County throughout 2021 for certification for food service managers and workers.  Attached is the brochure for more information and registraion information.  Registration is required at least three weeks prior to class date.

Updated flyer July 2021: FYLER

Use this link to register for class: LINK
October 5, 2020

“If you are feeling worn down or discouraged, you are not alone. It takes a lot of energy to support and grow your family, even more so with the stressors 2020 has brought us,” said Cheryl Clark, a human sciences specialist with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.

Click on LINK for tips on parenting during this long-term crisis.

October 5, 2020

New video series provides information on in-field methods for assessing health.  

Soil Health Assessment Video

July 15, 2020

Nutrition and wellness specialists with ISU Extension and Outreach provide quinkinar videos for "Healthy and Homemade" meals while saving money and time in the kitchen.

April 22, 2020

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