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4-H Clover

Just a quick reminder to sign up now to become a Buchanan County 4-H Member! Returning students will save $10 and pay just $25 if they sign up before December 31, 2019. After January 1, 2020, the cost is $35 for membership.
As always, first time members can enroll for free! So, come check it out! Clover Kid memberships are also available for students ages K-3. The cost to enroll as a Clover Kid is just $5.
Around 180 students active in 11 4-H clubs across Buchanan County.  Those clubs and their volunteer leaders include:

  • Wapsi Warriors located around Independence: Betty Giddings and Connie Arend;
  • Atom Bombers located around Fairbank: Brenda Kleitsch, Cheyney Hershey and Angie Auel;
  • Buffalo Bells located around Winthrop: Jayme Beyer and Ella Sherman;
  • Heartland Kids located around Independence: Audrey Hanaway and Kelly Clayberg;
  • Town & Kountry located around Rowley: Kelly Kress and Amanda Johnson;
  • Middlefield Hustlers & Clover Kids located around Winthrop: Troy and Lisa Tempus and Mike and Julie Cook;
  • Madison Mixers & Clover Kids located around Lamont: Leon Goedken and Brittany Goedken;
  • Liberty Lassos located around Independence & Brandon: Megan Slife and Beth Hilliard;
  • Shady Grove Superstars located around Jesup and Brandon: Jean Weber;
  • Boots-n-Bales located around Hazleton: Jessica Michels; and
  • Byron Vikings located around Independence and Winthrop: Scott Frye and Sara Wilson.

4-H Clubs and their leaders provide hands-on, youth-led experience. Experiences where they learn by doing, grow from failure, express their ideas and use their influence to drive positive outcomes. Adult mentors provide guidance, ask questions, share learnings and encourage.
Students gain skills like confidence, independence, resilience and compassion through stages and developed through experiences, not instruction. These skills benefit for a lifetime.
Contact numbers and information about each club is available at the Buchanan County ISU Extension and Outreach website . Or you can contact the Extension Office at 319-334-7161 or .

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