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Becoming Visible in the New Media Ecology
LEE RAINIE, Director of the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project Mediated Conversation with Lee Rainie

"Work is Learning; Learning Work: Itís the Network, Stupid"
HAROLD JARCHE, Jarche Consulting & the Internet Time Alliance Mediated Conversation with Harold Jarche

"Me, We and the Network: Weaving Participation"
NANCY WHITE, Full Circle Associates Mediated Conversation with NANCY WHITE

Critical Conversations

Monday, 4:00pm
Room 1. Educating Others about Social Networking
[Dee Love, Lorraine Kisselburgh, Russell Query, Purdue University]
Room 2. Is the Cooperative Extensionís Mission and Funding Model Compatible with Programming on the Worldwide Web?
[Kara Newby, Jerry Thomas, Ohio State University]

Tuesday, 11:00am
Room 1. Tracking Impact of Personal Finance FAQs
[Janet Bechman, Purdue University; Barbara OíNeill, Rutgers University]

Tuesday, 11:55 am
Room 1. Social Media: Whose Reputation Is at Stake?
[Virginia Morgan, Auburn University; Jennifer Jahedkar, Texas AgriLife Extension]

Tuesday, 3:00 pm
Room 1. Creating Community Cohesiveness and Examining Barriers to Working Differently: A Discussion of the All About Blueberries and Grape CoP Experiences
[Kathleen Kelsey, Eric Stafne, & Lane Greer, Oklahoma State University; Denise Attaway, Louisiana State University AgCenter]
Room 2. Engaging Learners Through Social Media Outreach: Working Smarter, Not Harder
[Andrew Zumwalt & Michael Ravenscraft, University of Missouri; Barbara OíNeill, Rutgers University]

Tuesday, 3:55 pm
Room 1. Assessing Impact of eXtension or Social Media Programming
[Christoper Raines & Jeffrey Hyde, Penn State University; Traci Naile, Texas AgriLife Extension]
Room 2. Expanding Women in Agriculture Programs Through Creative Networking
[Shannon Dill, Jenny Rhodes, Brad Paleg & Nan Stenzel, University of Maryland]

Tuesday, 4:50 pm
Room 1. Adapting Enterprise 2.0 for Extension System
[Jerry Thomas, Kara Newby, Andy Kleinschmidt, Mark Light & Emily Rhoades, Ohio State University]

Wednesday, 11:00 am
Room 1. An Unusual Diversity Conversation to Think and Work Differently
[Joseph Maiorano & Kathy Lechman, Ohio State University]
Room 2. From Tenuous to Tenacious about Tenure Documentation
[Megan OíNeil, University of Maryland]

Wednesday, 11:55 am
Room 1. Engaging Communities with Photovoice & Participatory Video
[Julie Tritz, West Virginia University]
Room 2. Using a Blog to Reach Master Gardeners
[Julie Weisenhorn, University of Minnesota]

Wednesday, 3:00 pm
Room 1. Incorporating Sense of Place, Values, and Personal Perspectives into Extension Teaching and Learning
[Mike Reichenbach, University of Minnesota; Sanford Smith & Allyson Brownlee Muth, Penn State University]
Room 2. Leveraging the Educational Potential of Online Networks
[Anne Adrian & Karen Jeannette, eXtension]

Wednesday, 3:55 pm
Room 1. 3D Immersive Educational Opportunities in Second Life
[Marissa Stone, University of Georgia; LuAnn Phillips, eXtension]
Room 2. How to Engage Clientele Effectively Using Social Media Technologies
[Steve Garner, Chris Canjar, Rich Phelps, Mindy McCulley, Betsy Ann Tracy, Melissa Goodman, Kristin Goodin, University of Kentucky]

Wednesday, 4:50 pm
Room 1. A Framework for Decision Making
[Kevin Gamble, Anne Adrian, Beth Raney, eXtension; Jerry Thomas, Ohio State University; Rhonda Conlon, North Carolina State University]