Writing Your Retirement Paycheck

How can I be sure my retirement funds will last my lifetime?  This important question will be addressed in an Iowa State University Extension and Outreach online workshop on April 12, 13, 14 and 15th from 5:00-6:00 pm.
Writing Your Retirement Paycheck is designed to provide information and resources needed by those approaching retirement within the next ten years. The workshop outlines key factors to consider prior to retirement and describes strategies for planning one’s income in retirement.
“For most of us,” says Jeannette Mukayisire, Human Sciences Specialist, “our paychecks have been determined by someone else all our lives. But in retirement, many of us are responsible for writing our own paychecks. How will we know how big it should be?”
According to Jeannette, who will lead the workshop, topics include inflation, health costs, Social Security, required minimum distributions, income tax, and more. “Individuals need to make their own decisions about retirement,” says Jeannette, “but clear and non-commercial information is a necessary ingredient for decision-making.” 
Jeannette points out that even those who work with a trusted financial professional must ultimately make the decisions themselves. A financial professional can suggest or recommend products and strategies, but it is the consumer who decides and then lives with the results of the decisions.
A fee of $25 per person or per couple for the Writing Your Retirement Paycheck workshop will help to off-set direct expenses and to support the Human Sciences County Extension Program.
Register online at http://bit.ly/wyrp17663.   Contact Bremer County Extension at 319-882-4275 with any questions.

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