Writing Your Retirement Paycheck

  • Are you retiring in the next few years? Be ready for the decisions you will face!
  • Looking for retirement information that’s non-commercial and research based? Writing Your Retirement Paycheck is for you!
  • How will your expenses change when you retire? Explore that question and more at Writing Your Retirement Paycheck.
  • As you approach retirement, do you know what to expect from inflation, health costs, and taxes? That’s just part of what you’ll learn at a Writing Your Retirement Paycheck workshop!
  • Worried about how to make the most of your money in retirement? Find practical, research-based and non-commercial information to help you be financially secure.
  • Retire now…or wait a while? Deciding when to retire is easier when you have a clear picture of your financial resources and options. We can help!
  • Even if your financial adviser is guiding your retirement plans, YOU are the final decision-maker. Build your ability to work well with your advisers.
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