Soybean Gall Midge

Soybeans dying near field edge.

Soybean gall midge is a new insect pest found in some Iowa soybean fields. This pest was first found in soybean fields in Nebraska, but it has now been identified in over 90 counties in Nebraska, Missouri, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa. With the recent confirmation of its presence in Dallas County, central Iowa farmers should be scouting for this pest in their soybean fields. Scouting for this pest is relatively simple, as the pest seems most prevalent near field edges.
When scouting for soybean gall midge, look for soybean plants that:
• are dead or wilting along field edges, especially those adjacent to cornfields rotated from soybeans,
• are girdled, browning, and/or swollen and scarred at the base of the stem,
• have weak stems that crack over at the base when plants are touched,
• have small, bright orange larvae at the base of the plant under the outer tissue of the stem.
Please scout for evidence of this insect in your soybean fields and call your local county extension office or central Iowa field agronomist Meaghan Anderson (319-331-0058) if you suspect you’ve found it.


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