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AWARDS BOOKET... with descriptions of Awards


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Assembling Your 4-H Records

This is a suggested order of how your record book should look and pages you should have included. This makes a good check off list.

1. Cover
Cover may be a standard 4-H record book cover available from the Extension Office or they may be 3 ring notebooks, etc. Cover should be sturdy.
2. 2017-2018 County 4-H Awards Form (PDF)
Use this form only if applying for an award. Check off the awards you would like to have your records considered for.
3. Leader Statement (on back of County 4-H Form above)
This is a written statement from your leader telling us about your 4-H club work. This sheet will be removed from your record book after it has been evaluated.
4. 4-H Award Information Form pdf (word) (Include only if applying for an award.) This form is required for each project area you are appling for. Also for each project area; complete one of the forms listed below that fits your grade level. (Grade as of May 2016).

5. Title Page
This is one page that tells your name, age, grade, club name, years in 4-H and a picture of yourself.
6. Yearly 4-H Summary (Must be completed for Completion Award) pdf  (word)
This form serves as a summary of your year in 4-H. There is a place to write what activities and events you have done in your club, recognition received, activities you have done at home, in school, and in your community on regular basis. There is also a place to report on projects that you do not complete a Project Record form. See #7.
7. Project Support Material (Optional)


Award Materials

Pioneer Grant - Community Improvement Project Form
Pioneer Grant Application Tips

County 4-H News

August 16, 2019

Exciting changes happened this summer for the Black Hawk County 4-H & FFA Fair Office! For years the fair office was housed in an outside corner of the Hippodrome near the maintenance facilities. It served it’s purpose but lacked enough room for operations, storage and only had three or four outlets which were overloaded. Through a great relationship with the National Cattle Congress the Black Hawk County Fair Board secured a multi-year lease moving the Fair Office to the old Milking Parlor. This summer Mike Geisler and team rehabilitated the milking parlor by stabilizing the roof and walls, replacing a door, adding a door, adding a sliding window and more electrical outlets. This week a new pole building is being constructed behind the milking parlor which will serve for safe and secure storage of all equipment supporting the annual fair and 4-H programming. Currently livestock gates, pens, panels, equipment and other supplies are stored in five or six locations including in the outdoors which has led to damage and misuse. Here are some pictures showing the progress show far. Thank you to the Otto Shoitz Foundation and the Black Hawk County Fair Board for investing in 4-H and FFA and making this dream a reality. 

August 14, 2019

• See all our WINNERS!

• See Google photo here.

• See Facebook Photos here. Great for Record book!

July 28, 2019

REGION 9 4-H MYSTERY DAY TRIP for Butler, Bremer, Black Hawk, Buchanan, Grundy, Tama 4-Her's!
Book your seat for a one day fun-filled Mystery Trip!
We will be traveling to a “mystery” town where you will get to visit different exciting locations.
You won’t want to miss this fun, exciting, mysterious trip.

September 7th, 2019 Cost is $75. This covers dinner and events for the day!

This trip will be an all day trip. The bus and trip schedule for Saturday Sept. 7th will be mailed to all
attending Mystery Trip Participants week before trip date. Once you sign up for this AWESOME trip you
will receive more secret information on what you will need to bring for this Mystery Trip… we can’t give
too much away all at once, can we?

Download Registration Form here.... Only the 5 Spots per county available. So sign up soon! Deadline to sign up is August 2nd.

July 8, 2019

See dates in October for Personal Development, Woodworking, New Judges Training and Photography! All Online!

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