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AWARDS BOOKET... with descriptions of Awards


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Assembling Your 4-H Records

This is a suggested order of how your record book should look and pages you should have included. This makes a good check off list.

1. Cover
Cover may be a standard 4-H record book cover available from the Extension Office or they may be 3 ring notebooks, etc. Cover should be sturdy.
2. 2017-2018 County 4-H Awards Form (PDF)
Use this form only if applying for an award. Check off the awards you would like to have your records considered for.
3. Leader Statement (on back of County 4-H Form above)
This is a written statement from your leader telling us about your 4-H club work. This sheet will be removed from your record book after it has been evaluated.
4. 4-H Award Information Form pdf (word) (Include only if applying for an award.) This form is required for each project area you are appling for. Also for each project area; complete one of the forms listed below that fits your grade level. (Grade as of May 2016).

5. Title Page
This is one page that tells your name, age, grade, club name, years in 4-H and a picture of yourself.
6. Yearly 4-H Summary (Must be completed for Completion Award) pdf  (word)
This form serves as a summary of your year in 4-H. There is a place to write what activities and events you have done in your club, recognition received, activities you have done at home, in school, and in your community on regular basis. There is also a place to report on projects that you do not complete a Project Record form. See #7.
7. Project Support Material (Optional)


Award Materials

Pioneer Grant - Community Improvement Project Form
Pioneer Grant Application Tips

County 4-H News

September 16, 2020

Record Books are due into the extension office by October 5th.
All books will need to go to their club leaders before coming to our office. 

Philosophy for 4-H Record Keeping The purpose of 4-H record keeping is to teach how to keep records, which is an important life skill. Record keeping is an ongoing process that does not end when the 4-H year ends. 

  • To learn how to set goals, how to make plans for action, and how to decide how well you did (evaluation).
  • To learn the skills of record keeping and organization to use now and in the future.
  • To learn to communicate and summarize.
  • To learn responsibility by completing a task.
  • To evaluate information that will market personal skills through future resumes and application forms.

September 15, 2020

Join other Black Hawk County 4-H members in playing BINGO!

Our bingo night will take place on Monday, September 28th starting at 6:30 PM and going until 7:30 PM (at the latest).  We will be playing over the Zoom platform and you will be emailed the link to participate after completion of this short survey.  Bingo cards will be sent virtually to those who sign up to participate.  You can choose to complete them on your computer when we call off numbers on the 28th, OR you can choose to print off the card.  One card per player. Read more....

September 13, 2020

All 4-Her's past members and new members must fill out application by Dec. 6th! 

Please fill out application to join!

 Step up and join Black Hawk County 4-H Council! By joining County Council, you will become one of the youth leaders of our program. 


Members will serve as liaison between the 4-H’ers and adults to help identify and understand the unique aspirations of young people.

Members will be expected to attend meetings to plan and assist with 4-H events in Black Hawk County throughout the year.
Events include Fair, Awards Banquet, and Omelet Breakfast.  Some event also include “fund-raising” for fair premiums.

Members must be responsible and motivated.  

September 11, 2020

Mark your calendars.... More info coming!

September 11, 2020

Stay tuned for more info coming!

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