Recognizing our 4-H Volunteers!

Honored to award these Volunteers with their "Years of Service 4-H Pins"! Our Black Hawk County 4-H Program couldn't be what it is today without our wonderful, ambitious and dedicated Volunteers! THANK YOU ALL! 
And our Special Honorees, receiving their 50 Years of 4-H Service are Nancy Schmidt and Mary Esther Pullin! 

Nancy Schmitz
The Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Black Hawk County 4-H program is honored to recognize Nancy Schmitz for 50 years of service! Nancy has a rich and vibrant 4-H history. She was in 4-H for eight years as a youth, serving on County Council as a teen. Nancy has been a leader of the Mt. Vernon Pals 4-H club in Black Hawk County for 50 years, serves as a Superintendent at the Black Hawk County 4-H and FFA Fair, and has supported the Black Hawk County 4-H Fair Foundation and Iowa 4-H Foundation for many years. In 2002, her family was recognized as a Century 4-H Family and in 2011, she and her husband, Dan, were inducted into the Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame. Nancy and Dan were chairs of the Annual Omelet Breakfast, Black Hawk County 4-H’s largest fundraiser, for 17 years. We are happy to say that her family is following in her 4-H footsteps! Three of her children were 4-H’ers and ten of her grandchildren are current members. Her son, Bart, is the co-leader of the Mt. Vernon Pals. We are grateful for the leadership and invaluable contributions that Nancy has gifted to the Black Hawk County 4-H program for the last 50 years, and for the caring and guidance she has always provided to her 4-H members. We are very happy to have you as part of the Black Hawk County 4-H family, Nancy! Thank you!

Mary Esther (Harper) Pullin
Not only for the 10 years she spent as a 4-H club member in Indiana did Mary Esther (Harper) Pullin hold the organization’s motto “To make the best better” tightly in her heart, but time has proved she never stopped believing it. As an adult, she has dedicated over 50 years to bringing 4-H participation and inspiration into the lives of others. This year the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Black Hawk County 4-H program is sharing the great news about Mary Esther’s years of volunteering, by honoring her with the 50-year Ruby Pin. We salute Mary Esther for 40 years of continuous service in Black Hawk county. Nearly all of those years she continues to remain active on the Black Hawk County Fair Board, 30 years on the Youth Committee, and 20 years she was a 4-H leader. Not only that but Mary Esther has volunteered at every Omelet breakfast over the past 26 years. And she served on the State of Iowa 4-H Foundation Board for 6 years. Together with her husband, Ron, the couple has built Pullins’ Purebred Hampshire Sheep operation which led her to work for a dozen years as secretary of the Northeast Iowa Fair Association besides three decades at managing the “Make it with Wool” program. Beyond that, everyone in the Iowa State Fair’s Sheep barn has seen Mary Esther volunteering as show clerk for 20 + years. We honor, recognize and thank Mary Esther Pullin with a 50-year pin for her time and effort to the 4-H program and our youth.
Thank You so much to these two awesome ladies!

5 Years of Service
Melanie Richter
Chris Lichty
10 Years of Service
Dawn Brinker
Bob Koenigsfeld
Trevor Wulf
Lynette Cline
15 Years of Service
Janice Heth
20 Years of Service
Jill VanVeldhuizen
25 Years of Service
Soo Greiman
50 Years of Service
Mary Esther Pullin
Nancy Schmitz
Outstanding 4-H Club Volunteer Award
Patricia McIntosh
I don't know where to even begin! Pat is one of the most caring and selfless people out there! She truly has a heart that beats for 4-H and helping all kids find success. She attends almost every 4-H meeting we have. She helps with it all, whether it is taking & printing pictures, purchasing things our club needs, donating space to hold workshops, printing forms, helping create record books with new members, volunteering to teach the club something new, the list is endless! She spends every day at the fair & tries to communicate with the members she sees there from our club. She definitely goes above and beyond in the volunteer department! We are so thankful!
Christie Drake and Sara McIntosh
Outstanding 4-H Club Volunteer Award
Lyle McIntosh
Lyle has been a big part of the livestock projects among members of the Lester Livewires. Not only for his own kids, but many kids who would otherwise not get the experience with showing. He has provided sheep for numerous club members to show. He works with them on feeding, showmanship, and getting them ready to show.
Lyle has a large family of his own to take care of and I think it speaks volumes that he takes on additional kids each summer to also give the experience to. He donates a lot of time and finances to help other 4-H Kids.
Christie Drake and Sara McIntosh

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