Master Conservation Classes Starting Aug. 15th. Limit 25

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Dates:  Thursdays….from 8/15-9/26 from 6-9pm
Price $100, Make Check payable to Black Hawk County Extension, 3420 University Ave., Suite B, Waterloo Iowa . 50701
Week #1….”Welcome” session---by Black Hawk @ Extension office in Waterloo
Week #2- Module #1-----(Setting the Stage)---Black Hawk----@ Janesville
Week #3—Module #2a—(Prairies)----Black Hawk---@ UNI Tall Grass Prairie Center, Cedar Falls
Week #4—Module 2b---(Forests)—Black Hawk--@ Hartman Nature Preserve, Waterloo
Week #5—Module 2c—(Aquatic Systems)—Bremer--@ Sweets Marsh, Tripoli
Week #6—Module #3—(Watershed)---Bremer---Area Farms and Bremer Extension Office, Tripoli
Week #7—Module #4—(Planting the Seeds)---Black Hawk---George Wyth State Park, Waterloo
Questions Contact: 
Steven Eilers
Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Black Hawk County
Urban Agriculture Specialist
3420 University Avenue, Suite B, Waterloo Iowa 50701
Phone: 319-234-6811 
See Press Release:
Iowa Master Conservationist Program to begin in Black Hawk & Bremer Counties
Course will provide hands-on interaction with Iowa’s rich natural resources
Black Hawk & Bremer – Iowa State University Extension and Outreach will offer the Iowa Master Conservationist Program in August.  The program will take place at multiple sites in Black Hawk and Bremer Counties, providing participants with hands-on interaction with the diversity of the state’s natural resources. The program teaches about Iowa’s natural ecosystems and the diversity of conservation challenges and opportunities that exist in the region. Graduates of the course learn to make informed choices for leading and educating others to improve conservation in Iowa.
The program consists of approximately 12 hours of online curriculum and seven face-to-face meetings. The online modules will include lessons and resources by Iowa State subject-matter experts to be reviewed at the participants’ own pace at home or at the ISU Extension and Outreach Black Hawk & Bremer County offices. Module topics include conservation history and science, understanding Iowa ecosystems, implementing conservation practices in human dominated landscapes and developing skills to help educate others about conservation practices.
Seven face-to-face meetings will build on the online lessons and be held at various sites from 6:00 – 9:00 pm on Thursdays between August 15th to September 26th. Each face-to-face meeting will be led by local subject-matter experts to demonstrate how the principles covered in the online curriculum and play out locally. The various sites are scheduled to include the UNI Tall Grass Prairie Center, Setting the Stage in Janesville, Hartman Nature Preserve, Sweets Marsh, George Wyth State Park, Tripoli and Waterloo. 
Registration for the course is $100.00 and is due at the time of registration before August 8th.  To register contact the ISU Extension and Outreach Black Hawk County office at 319-234-6811. 
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