Kids in the Kitchen At-Home

Are you looking for something to do at home with your family?  Want to learn more about food and nutrition in a fun way?!

Learn about food and nutrition based off of the research-based Kids in the Kitchen program and MyPlate.  This is the at-home version!  It includes: interactive games, worksheets, videos, DIY activities, and recipes.  Due to the global pandemic we have had to adjust how we are doing our programming, as we are sure you have too, and we hope that  Kids in the Kitchen At Home will provide youth with a better understanding of the five focus areas in a fun way.  The five focus areas include:

  1. Kitchen Sense & Safety
  2. Fruit & Vegetables
  3. Protein
  4. Grain
  5. Dairy

For more information about this opportunity check out the Kids in the Kitchen At-Home website here: 
If you have questions about the Kids in the Kitchen program in Black Hawk County please contact the Youth Nutrition & 4-H Outreach Coordinator, Sarah Tanis at or by calling the Black Hawk County Extension office at 319-234-6811.

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