Kids in the Kitchen gets ready to STIR up some fun with area youth!

Kids in the Kitchen is ready for a fantastic school year in Black Hawk County! KIK Coordinator, Emily Samuelson, is looking forward to hosting 18 groups across ten locations during the fall semester. Locations include Fred Becker Elementary, Dike Elementary, Southdale Elementary, Orchard Hill, Elementary, Cedar Heights Elementary, Poyner Elementary, and Orange Elementary. Additionally, Kids in the Kitchen curriculum will be offered at the YMCA Child Development Center, the Boys and Girls Club of Waterloo, and Cedar Valley Preschool and Childcare Center.  Contact Emily Samuelson, to see if your agency meets eligibility criteria for this FREE program!

An Extension nutrition educator will come to your location to deliver lessons. A kitchen is not necessary. The only equipment required is ready access to a sink for washing fruits and veggies, a large table and an electrical outlet.
Each lesson will take approximately one hour and lessons can be delivered once per week or on consecutive days depending on your agency’s schedule.
Eating healthy and cooking skills go hand in hand. Kids in the Kitchen is designed to give elementary-age children hands-on experience with making and eating healthy foods that are easy to prepare and inexpensive.

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