Helpful Resources for County Fair Projects 2020

Questions and Anwers about 2020 Non-Livestock Projects.

If you have more questions please email Diane at
Remember all NON-Livestock (Static) Projects must be entered into by July 12, 2020!

Q. Can a bring a project that I'v seen on Pinterest?
A. Yes... But you must cite the source.... read more here: • Pinterest to Original Source Citing
Q. Does every project need a Goal Sheet?
A. Yes.... Clover Kids can take notes and tell the judge their goals, but 4th graders and older must write a Goal Sheet. Remember that Goal Sheet will be read by a judge at State Fair where there is no face to face conversation. Here are some helpful tips for Goal Sheets:
• GOAL WRITING for Fair Projects
Q. What are the 2020 Food Safety Rules for 4-Her's?
A. They are up-dated each year! Please read them here!
• 2020 Food Safety for Iowa 4-H Fairs
Quick Reference Guide

• Preserved 4-H Food Labels

Q. Is there a resource with samples of all projects that can be brought to FAIR?
A. YES, here are 72 pages of ideas and samples!....  HOT SHEETS FOR FAIR IDEAS!
Q. Is there a sheet on Design Elements for my description of my Visual Art Project?
A. Yes! Please click here: • Elements & Principles of Design
Q. Does my photo need a special form?
A. Yes, please attach this to the back of the photo: * PHOTOGRAPHY LABEL PDF (WORD)
Q. Is there a 4-H Poster Contest this year?
A. Yes... currently the new form is not out, but here are the details! Two posters get to go to STATE FAIR! Form coming soon!
10530 4-H Poster Communication Exhibit - Special poster exhibit to visually tell a story or idea about 4-H to the general public. Exhibitors must use one of the following themes:
• 4-H is . . . (open to 4-H’er’s interpretation)
• Join 4-H • 4-H Grows... ( national marketing theme)
• Strive For Gold (Iowa 4-H Youth Conference theme)
• How Do You 4-H? (variation of Iowa State Fair theme)
Q. Is there a form needed for Fashion Revue (constructed garments), Clothing Selection (purchased garments), or The $15 Challenge?
A. Yes this Clothing Event Form must be mailed to the Extension Office or emailed to Diane by July 3rd.

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