2021 Black Hawk County Fair Challenges, Open to the Public

coffee mug, canvas, grassy object, photo of fruit and a solar light
2021 Black Hawk County 4-H and FFA Fair

Regulations for all Challenge Classes:
All Challenge Classes, except for the Food Challenges, will go directly to Estel Hall on July 27th. Noon-5:00pm. The Food Challenges will go to Pepsi Pavilion.
1. Challenge classes are open to 4-H’ers and Non-4-H’ers of all ages.
2. Limit of one entry per challenge per person.
3. No Registration Required
4. Divisions are as follows: Clover Kids (K-3rd), Youth Class 1 (4th-6th Grade), Youth Class 2 (7th & 8th Grade), Youth 3 Class (9th-12th Grade) Open Class (Adults)
5. Entries may be removed on Saturday, July 31st after Family Picnic or Sunday, August 1st from 10 am to noon. Entries not picked up at designated pick up times will go back to the extension office to be held for one month.
6. Awards will be given to the winner of each age division.
MUG Cake Baking
Challenge Description: There is no set base recipe for this MUG Cake challenge, choose your own recipe. Will be judged on appearance and taste. Can be baked in an oven or microwave.
• Bring your cake in the mug it was prepared in. (Not responsible for the mug)
• Recipe should be included in the exhibit. Can be made from scratch or box mix.
• Exhibit should be labeled with the exhibitor name and age division.
Silent Auction Project
Challenge Description: For Senior 4-H members only. (9th-12th grade) Create a project to be donated to the County Council youth team with proceeds going toward the fair premiums. It can be anything you would like from a painting, a photo, pottery, or woodworking project. Those projects will then be in a Silent Auction held at the Family Picnic, Saturday, July 31st at 6:30pm.
• Exhibit should be labeled with the exhibitor name and age division.
Cover Crop Monster
Challenge Description: Make your own Cover Crop Monster. Experiment with a nylon stocking, soil, and grass seed. There is no size limit. Plan on starting your monster a few weeks before fair so it has time to grow. Check out the links below for more information.
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FsNGo0TAk4
Activity Sheet: https://store.extension.iastate.edu/product/15853
• Exhibit should be labeled with the name of the exhibitor and age division.
Still Life or Tabletop Photos
Challenge Description: A Still Life photo could be a photo of fruit, flower arrangement, etc. Keep in mind your lighting and backgrounds. A tabletop photo could be a closeup of jewelry, a clock parts, interesting coins, etc.
• Photographs should be printed on photography paper and should be matted in a black mat.
• Photo must be 5x7 or 8x10 to be judged.
• Photo may be horizontal or vertical and may be black and white or color.
• Exhibit should be labeled with the exhibitor name and age division.
$ Store Solar Light Creation
Challenge Description: Design a solar light project that could be used in your home, garden, or yard. Be creative.
• Please provide citation of source for non-original ideas (e.g. Pinterest, Google, Facebook)
• Exhibit should be labeled with the exhibitor name and age division.

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