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Ag Link

Ag Link is a service to help preserve the family farm business by matching beginning farmers who do not own land, with retiring farmers who do not have heirs to continue the family farm business. Ag Link maintains a database of potential beginning farmers and landowners.

Ag Link for Retiring Farmers

Your visit with the Ag Link Coordinator will help you get a clearer picture of what is involved in transitioning your farm business. He will help you begin making a plan for transitioning your farm business.

During the visit you will have a chance to look at applications from those interested in farming. You will call and arrange an interview with the applicants you select from our available list.


The idea for a Beginning Farmer Center was developed from a series of discussions with Legislators, Extension and Outreach personnel and others in search of  a better way to encourage new farmers.

Farm Transition Planning Independent Study (Economics 490)

Students receiving credit must meet three criteria for a Pass.

  •  The student(s) must attend and participate in all four days of the Returning to the Farm Seminar. In addition the owner/operator of the farm where the student hopes to be the successor must also attend the seminar.
  • The student(s) will prepare a paper outlining a transition plan for their farming situation. The purpose of the paper is to develop a plan that demonstrates a working knowledge of the topics covered in the seminar.
  • The student(s) must share the paper with the people with whom they attended the Returning to the Farm Seminar. After reviewing and discussing the paper the people providing the succession opportunity must sign it. That doesn’t necessarily mean they agree to everything in the plan but it does mean they have read the plan proposed by the student. This requirement is intended to be a learning/sharing experience for all parties involved with the succession plan.


Objectives and future plans for the Beginning Farmer Center.

International Perspectives on Farm Succession and Retirement in Later Life

The farming community increasingly consists of a farm population with a high age profile. Demographic trends in many parts of the U.S.A., Europe and beyond reveal an inversion of the age pyramid with those aged 65 years and over constituting the fastest growing sector of the farming workforce. 


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