Ag Link for Retiring Farmers

  1. You can complete an on-line application (preferred method) or contact the BFC for a printed application, type your responses in the fields, then print and mail or fax (you can not save the form once completed unless you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat software).
  2. If you are not an Iowa resident, there is a $100 registration fee for retiring farmers. Include a check made out to Beginning Farmer Center with your application.
  3. When the Ag Link Coordinator receives your application he will contact you.
  4. When the application is received the information will be placed in our database.

These are some of the items you may talk about during his visit:

  • What is your goal for the future of your farm business?
  • Is there enough income to bring a younger farmer into your business and to allow you to retire later with the income you expect?
  • If you have children not involved in your farm business, how do they feel about a non-related person becoming involved in the farm?
  • What values, education, and goals do you expect and want from someone joining your farm business?
  • What physical asset resources and personal resources (education, experience, skills, etc.) do you have to offer a younger farmer?
  • What are your expectations for retirement? How do you see yourself as a retired farmer?

Your visit with the Ag Link Coordinator will help you get a clearer picture of what is involved in transitioning your farm business. He will help you begin making a plan for transitioning your farm business.

During the visit you will have a chance to look at applications from those interested in farming. You will call and arrange an interview with the applicants you select from our available list.

What happens when you meet?

  • You will talk about your expectations and goals.
  • After you meet several applicants and find someone you are interested in, together you will develop a transition plan to use as a guide as you begin to work together.
  • We will help you complete a financial analysis of your farming operation in order to determine whether there is enough income for everyone involved to feel secure - that the finances are sufficient to meet expectations.
  • Each of you will exchange references - both personal and financial.
  • Both of you will talk to your own trusted advisors, such as your family, personal accountant, and lawyer, etc. to help you draw up a formal agreement based on your plan.

Questions? Call Farm On at 1-877-BFC-1999.