Take Control of Your Money with Online Course

AMES, Iowa — Iowans who are looking for ways to improve their personal or family finances may sign up now for Take Control of Your Money. This self-paced, online workshop is provided free by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.

“Whether your goal is to save more, pay down debt, give more to charity or have more money for a certain type of spending, being in control of your money is the key,” said Barb Wollan, an ISU Extension and Outreach family finance specialist.

Instructions for enrolling in the course are online at http://www.extension.iastate.edu/families/take-control.

“The Web course does not tell you how you should use your money – that decision is yours,” Wollan said. “The focus is on equipping your household to reach your goals, whatever they may be.”

Take Control of Your Money provides tools for clarifying goals and priorities and evaluating current spending patterns, Wollan explained. Participants will learn how to develop a spending plan that works toward their goals and can try a variety of tools that can help them follow their plan, including Excel spreadsheets, online tools and paper and pencil techniques. Additional information is provided on special topics such as dealing with debt, building financial security and family communication about money. The course also includes reading material as well as mini-lessons that can be completed in 3-10 minutes on several topics.

“Take Control of Your Money is designed for you to use at your own pace. You can pick and choose the topics that will be most useful to you,” Wollan said. She suggests sticking with the course for at least a month, to allow time to fully try out the tools and practice the strategies, but noted, “you can move through the content as quickly as you wish.”

For more information, visit the Take Control of Your Money website, http://www.extension.iastate.edu/families/take-control.