Science of Parenting: Those Teenage Brains

The Science of ParentingAMES, Iowa -- Children approach their 13th birthday with excitement. They can’t wait to be teenagers. Parents, on the other hand, often see this milestone as the beginning of new worries. During December, family life specialists talk about what’s normal for teens and what parents can expect in the Science of Parenting blog from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.

“Teenagers’ brains are still developing and won’t be fully mature until they reach their early 20s,” said family life specialist Donna Donald. “But their brains do improve during the teen years, as they get better at making decisions, thinking ahead, planning, and comparing risks and rewards.”

“Research shows that with love, support and communication, parents can influence healthy adolescent development and survive the teen years,” said family life specialist Lori Hayungs.

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