Organic Agriculture Field Day at Neely-Kinyon Farm Aug. 20

GREENFIELD, Iowa — A field day Aug. 20 at the Iowa State University Neely-Kinyon Farm will cover the topics of sustainable and organic agriculture. The field day will begin at 4 p.m. and includes a light supper.

The field day will look at the issues all crop growers have faced this year – wet spring, dry July and weeds in late-planted and replanted fields, as well as issues specific to organic farmers such as employing a tractor-pulled propane gas burner to "flame" weeds in the row.

Tours of the organic corn, soybean and alfalfa production in the Long-Term Agroecological Research experiment at the Neely-Kinyon Farm will be part of the field day program. Discussions will include research results suggesting that organic farming can foster greater efficiency in nutrient use and higher potential for sequestrating carbon as well as the economic benefits of organic production.

The USDA-NIFA organic vegetable project will also be highlighted at the field day. This research project demonstrates soil quality benefits of organic no-till and yield benefits for sweet corn, tomatoes and peppers from mulching, compost and cover crops.

Representatives from the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Services, Barb Stewart and Alan Long, will discuss NRCS cost-share programs for cover crops and other programs that organic farmers can utilize. Dale Raasch of Bridgewater, Iowa, will discuss his production and marketing strategies for organic produce and meat, which will be served at the supper. Other local foods on the menu will include organic vegetables from H.A. Wallace Country Life Center and Picket Fence ice cream.

The field day will be held in conjunction with Practical Farmers of Iowa. For more information contact Kathleen Delate at 515-294-7069 or or Kathy Rohrig, Adair County Extension, at, 641-743-8412.