Northeast Iowa Dairy and Beef Manure Tour Is Nov. 19

AMES, Iowa -- A beef feedlot and a dairy farm in northeast Iowa are the sites selected for an Iowa State University Extension and Outreach manure tour Tuesday, Nov. 19.

ISU Extension and Outreach and the Delaware County Soil and Water Conservation District, with partnership assistance from USDA-NRCS, are hosting a tour at the Paul Overman beef feedlot and the Wayne and Wade Brunsman dairy farms north of Dyersville, Iowa.

The tour will look at practices and management techniques to help small dairies and beef feedlots address potential water quality impacts of runoff from outside open lot areas. The farms feature clean water diversion from buildings and fields, covered and open manure storage, and feeding under roof. The event also will feature a manure spreader calibration exercise to help fine-tune application rates of nutrients used for crop production.

The tour will begin at 10 a.m. at the Overman feedlot then move to the Wade Brunsman dairy; with lunch to follow at the Wayne Brunsman farm. The tour will conclude after lunch with a brief overview of the hoop barn facilities, manure handling and manure spreader calibration exercise. This event will be held regardless of weather conditions; appropriate dress is recommended. To respect biosecurity protocols, please wear clean street shoes, not barn or chore footwear. Plastic boots will be provided.

The Overman feedlot is located at 3327 163rd Street, New Vienna.  From Dyersville, take Highway 136 (exit #294 on Highway 20) five miles north to New Vienna, then turn west on Main Street and follow West Main (Petersburg Road, which becomes 163rd Street) west two miles to the Overman farm. The Brunsman farms are located one quarter mile west and one mile north. Watch for signs.

This effort is part of the Water Quality Initiatives for Small Beef and Dairy Feedlot Operations. Learn more about the initiative at