HACCP Short Course Is April 17-19

AMES, Iowa — A three-day Basic Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points training designed for people in the food industry who want to understand and be trained in the HACCP system for manufacturing safe food will be offered April 17-19 on the Iowa State University campus. The training also is for individuals who are starting to develop or implement HACCP plans and those who want to review the concepts and applications of HACCP or desire an updated understanding of the system.

The course presentation will serve participants from the juice, meat, bread, fish, vegetable and poultry industries, but the emphasis will be placed on non-meat commodity groups. This course will address food safety concerns for industries such as canning, frozen meals, spices/bulk ingredients, cereals/pastas, fresh produce, dairy ingredients, bakery/snack foods and food service (variance) along with an Advanced HACCP group.

FDA and USDA require workers in several segments of the food industry to be trained in HACCP. This course is accredited by the International HACCP Alliance and will meet the specifications established by these federal agencies.  Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be registered with the International HACCP Alliance and recognized as completing an HACCP training program. In addition, within small working groups, the attendees will develop an HACCP plan and present it to the class for discussion and critique.

Topics covered are the development and maintenance of good manufacturing practices, sanitary standard operational programs such as pest control, sanitary performance standards, as well as many other prerequisite programs.

Registration required

Preregistration is required to attend this course; all registrations must be received by midnight  April 11. Online registration can be made at www.fshn.hs.iastate.edu/angela-shaw-food-safety/haccp-short-course/.  Cost of the course is $325 prior to midnight April 3. After that date, cost of the course is $375.

The training will take place at 166 Meats Laboratory, Kildee Hall. The course is sponsored by the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at Iowa State University and the Iowa Department of Inspection and Appeals.

For more information about the conference visit the HACCP Short Course website at http://www.fshn.hs.iastate.edu/angela-shaw-food-safety/haccp-short-course/.