Apply for STEM Scale-Up Programs Now

AMES, Iowa – School teachers, youth organization leaders, informal education professionals, county and regional extension programs and other organizations delivering STEM educational programs can apply to bring STEM Scale-Up programs into their clubs or classrooms during 2013-14. Applications for the Scale-Up programs must be submitted online by Wednesday, April 10. Applications and details can be found at

In March, the Govenor’s STEM Advisory Council announced the nine STEM Scale-Up programs it chose for the 2013-14 school year. The programs improve learner interest and achievement in STEM -- science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Nine programs have been selected as 2013-14 STEM Scale-Ups:

Pre-K-12 educators, both formal and informal, are eligible to apply for the programs. This is not a monetary grant application. All transactions will occur between the regional hub and the program or service provider.

“The STEM Scale-Up programs offer kids hand-on experiences in math, science, technology and engineering right in their communities,” said Lynne Campbell, the North Central regional hub manager. “Programs span all grade levels, all fields of STEM and may be implemented in-school or out-of-school.”

BCLUW Implements AWIM, Sees Success

One of the 2012-13 North Central Iowa STEM Scale-Up recipients was Beaman, Conrad, Liscomb, Union and Whitten Schools. BCLUW began its A World in Motion STEM program in March 2013. The program is being implemented in grades K-8.

“My students really enjoyed the first unit, creating sails,” said BCLUW teacher Pam Doak. “I wasn’t sure if they were getting the scientific concepts, but their presentations at the end of the unit proved they did. The hands-on aspect of this program is very appealing.”

STEM education is an important aspect to consider, said BCLUW superintendent Ben Petty.

“The AWIM program is a good opportunity for students. It helps build excitement for science and math, and hopefully will steer students in STEM-related career paths in the future. I’m excited to see students’ growth in the next year in STEM-related subjects,” Petty said.

About A World in Motion

SAE International’s AWIM program brings science, technology, engineering and math education to students in kindergarten through grade 8 at BCLUW, and around the nation.

“Our goal is to educate kids on possible STEM careers and to focus on improving achievements in the field,” said Chris Ciuca, SAE International director of pre-professional programs. “The program is a hands-on engineering design experience with three levels. At the primary level, students will learn about scientific literacy. At the elementary level, students do data-driven decision making. And finally, at the middle school level, students perform consumer-based research. The integrated approach of this program is a huge advantage for schools. It brings math, science and language-arts together to broaden the students’ knowledge of STEM subjects.”

For more information on A World in Motion, or any of the other STEM Scale-Up programs being offered, visit


*The photo shows students at BCLUW working on an AWIM project.