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Pressure Canner Gauge Testing

Pressure Canner Gauge Testing

In partnership with Iowa State’s College of Human Sciences, Human Sciences Extension and Outreach engages you through research-based education, empowering you to live your best life. Our education helps you become closer to family, raise healthy children, talk with your teens, improve relationships, enjoy a lifetime full of memories, save more money, live a healthy life, have access to trusted resources, and care for yourself and others. We invite you to join us in person, virtually, or on-line!

Words on Wellness Blog Words on Wellness Blog

Tue, 10/03/2023 - 03:00
Food and Mood
An emerging field of research is nutritional psychiatry. This examines the relationship between diet and mental wellness or…

Tue, 09/26/2023 - 03:00
Probiotic Primer
Probiotics are live microorganisms that may aid in improving gastric discomfort, reducing diarrhea caused by antibiotics, help…

Tue, 09/19/2023 - 03:00
Tracking Food Costs
Costs are up! Consider tracking food expenses to learn where your money is going. Use an online app or the old-fashioned pen…

The Science of Parenting Blog The Science of Parenting Blog

Thu, 09/28/2023 - 10:00
Repairing & Rebuilding Relationships with Children
Even with our best efforts, we will still sometimes do something that was hurtful to our child. In this season’s finale, our…

Thu, 09/21/2023 - 10:00
Custody, Kinship Care, and Co-Parenting
When we share the responsibilities of caring for children with other adults, it comes with opportunities and challenges…

Thu, 09/14/2023 - 22:00
Parenting Amid Threats to Safety
Ideally, every family and child would have a safe and consistent home environment. When that’s not the case, parents are often…