About Us

ANIMAL U promotes involvement in animal agriculture and allows all youth the opportunity to increase their knowledge. It also enables more young people to become involved through accessible, straight-forward, and research-based information.

Program Goals

  • Connect more young people to animal agriculture and promote its application to everyday life.
  • Create an understanding of the relationship between animal agriculture and the science and technology that supports it.
  • Promote the variety of potential careers associated with food production through real-world experiences.

Animal U is a program developed through Iowa State University Extension and Outreach  and Iowa State University Department of Animal Science .  The program manger is Dr. Amy Powell, Extension Youth Animal Science Specialist. This project is a collaboration of Extension subject matter experts, faculty members, commodity groups, and industry partners. 

McKenna Brinning
Alison Bueltel
Dr. Abbey Cannon
Dr. Chris Cassady
Hailee Ciesielski
Dr. Chris Clark
McKinley Conover
Dr. Garland Dahlke
Dr. Beth Doran
Russ Euken
Grace German
Dr. Laura Greiner
Colin Johnson
Dr. Anna Johnson

Dr. Molly Lee
Dr. Katy Lippolis
Dr. Dan Loy
Erika Lundy
Beth Reynolds
Matt Schroeder
Denise Schwab
Dr. Ken Stalder
Dave Stender
Dr. Jodi Sterle
Will Taylor
Patrick Wall
Carmen Wiley
Jacob Yarian