Alternative Systems and Environmental Quality

Prairie Strips in Row Crops

Scientists from the STRIPS research team (Science-based Trials of Row-crops Integrated with Prairie Strips) have shown that by strategically converting as little as 10 percent of a row-cropped field to perennial prairie - in narrow patches along contours and foot slopes - farmers and landowners can reduce sediment movement off their field by 95 percent, total phosphorus loss by 90 percent, and total nitrogen loss by nearly 85 percent. 

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Value Added Farming

This article describes how farmers can maximize their economic potential by taking advantage of on value added farming.

A Targeted Conservation Approach for Improving Environmental Quality

This document is appropriate for anyone who wants to learn about the importance of natural resources. Specific sections on: air, soil, water, natural habitats and wildlife.

Prairie Strip Sediment Removal

This article is a summary of a study of using native prairie plants’ natural ability to increase water infiltration into the soil to reduce erosion and remove chemical leeching into waterways. Research was conducted on conventional agricultural land in central Iowa within the Walnut Creek Watershed.

Visit Iowa Farms

The ISUEO Value Added Agriculture program sponsors the Visit Iowa Farms website and provides agritourism programming to Iowa farmers.  The website provides resources for producers looking to enter into agritourism, and provides a marketing avenue for agritourism operations in Iowa.

Equine Forestry

This article talks about a man who found his niche in using draft horses for low environmental impact logging.

Soil Management for Better Fertility on Organic Livestock Farms

eOrganic authors:
Wendy Sue Harper, WSH Consulting
Karen Hills, Washington State University
Fred Magdoff, University of Vermont (emeritus)

Keys to Disease Management in Organic Seed Crops

eOrganic authors:
Kenneth B. Johnson, Oregon State University
Frank Morton, Wild Garden Seed