Local Foods

 Iowa Food System Working Group - The Iowa Food System Working Group is being established to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of an overall Extension program in local food systems and maximize the resources available to all Extension units.  Extension units are both grounded in academic disciplines and geography.  However, many topics of interest to Extension clientele such as local food system development are interdisciplinary, complex, and must involve multiple programmatic activities and delivery methods.

 Food Miles: Background and Marketing - This publication highlights and studies the concerns about the distance food travels before it is consumed. Insight is shared on what consumers and farmers can do to decrease the amount of energy used for food transportation.

Author: Holly Hill

 Use Chickens to Control Garden Pests in Organic Farms - Southwest farmer uses chickens and turkeys to control insect populations in his vegetable gardens, saving costs on labor, fertilizing, and reducing pesticide use.

 Fresh Vegetable Guide - This guide offers tips on how to select, store, and prepare vegetables.

Authors: Catherine Strohbehn, Barb Anderson

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