Alternative Grain Crops

Organic Flax Production in Iowa

Author: Kathleen Delate, Craig Chase, and John Kennicker
A comprehensive guide for those interested in farming organic flax.

Cover on the Ground - All Winter Long

Cover on the Ground - All Winter Long

An Iowa State University professor and Ph.D. student study the viability of incorporating canola into Iowa’s cropping system.

Food Safety Checklist for Grain Producers

A great resource for any grain producer. Includes grain storage, facility and equipment maintenance, record keeping, and general organization.

Flax Production in Iowa

This article is an overview for those interested in flax production. Topics include: soil preparation, planting, harvesting and storing.

Management for High-Quality Organic Wheat and Ancient Grain Production in the Northeast
Last Updated: February 14, 2013

This webinar is for farmers, ag professionals, grain buyers and processors, and others seeking to optimize grain quality. While focused on production in the Northeast, many of the management practices discussed will be applicable to other regions of the country.