Economics of Alternative Crops/Rotations

Resource Description
Ag Decision Maker Website contains calculators for budgeting and fertilizer applications, machinery costs, and more.
Agricultural Marketing Resource Center Contains articles regarding agricultural products and marketing.
Building a Sustainable Business A guide targeted towards rural and agricultural businesses with an emphasis on sustainable and alternative farming.
Evaluating a Rural Enterprise This publication is for the rural population who want to discover and capitalize on a new enterprise.
Summary of Increasing Cropping System Diversity Balances Productivity, Profitability, and Environmental Health This is a study that focuses on comparing three contrasting systems that vary in length of crop season and inputs. Anybody who is interested in seeing the differences between different amounts of fertilizers and herbicides would be interested in reading this study.
Summary of Energy and Economic Returns by Crop Rotation This publication has focused on the economic returns of three different crop rotations. The choice of which rotation to choose is dependent on many factors. When considering profitability and energy consumption, including a third or fourth crop may be a viable option for some operations. Other benefits might include an outlet for excess manure, reduced erosion, and increased soil health and pest management.
Vegetable Production Budgets for a High Tunnel Figure high tunnel profitability for vegetable production with the systems and budgets described in this publication. The information is based on the detailed production records of five farmers growing crops such as bell peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, herbs, lettuce, and tomatoes.
Annie's Project Annie’s Project is a program that focuses on empowering women in agriculture by providing education programming that fosters problem solving, record-keeping and decision-making skills in farmwomen.  There are various courses offered, included the classic Annie’s Project, as well as Managing for Today and Tomorrow, (a second level Annie’s Project course that teaches business, estate, retirement and succession planning), as well as other specialty courses focusing on Value Added Agriculture, Women Managing Cattle, and Women Marketing Grain, for instance.


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