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Welcome to “Words on Wellness,” a monthly newsletter that promotes a healthy lifestyle for Iowans. In each issue, you’ll gain reliable, research-based information about nutrition, exercise, and food safety, and explore the power of incorporating healthy practices into daily living for you and your family.  Download your copy below.
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September 2018 (color pdf)

  • Intermittent Fasting? Not so Fast!
  • Mini Salmon Loaves recipe
  • Kitchen Towels Can Be Home to Dangerous Bacteria
  • Resistance Training Prevents Sarcopenia

August 2018 (color pdf)

  • Reducing Food Waste at Home
  • Recipe: Confetti Rice and Bean Salad
  • Food Safety: Prevent Cross Contact at Home
  • Physical Activity: Staying Active Benefits Mental Health

July 2018 (color pdf)
Grilling What's In Your Garden
Chicken Fajitas
Sheet Pan Meal Safety
Join In the Fun Biking
June 2018 (color pdf)
Healthy Camping Foods
Hot Dogs & Food Safety
Is There Treasure Hiding Near You?

May 2018 (color pdf)
A checklist for selecting an Eating Plan
A recipe for Cowboy Caviar
Cardio Pyramid workout—check this out for a fun way to get your workout in!
Produce Basics---information on how to store, clean and prepare fruits and vegetables.
April 2018 (color pdf)
Create a Rainbow on Your Plate
Vegetable Soup with Kale and Lentils
Food Safety for Donated Garden Produce
Get Active with Gardening
March 2018 (color pdf)
How to Include Children in the Kitchen---check out the Spend Smart. Eat Smart video on this topic.
Facts about Food Safety
Crunchy Apple Roll-Up recipe
Sedentary? Get Up and Move!
February 2018 (color pdf)
Recipe for Quick Oats---A recipe for overnight oats in a jar.  Mix in a container or jar and place in the refrigerator overnight.  Grab and go in the morning!
Oatmeal: It’s a keeper--- learn some tips about grains in this article.
Physical Fitness without the Fees—tips on strength training that are no cost.
Janaury 2018 (color pdf)
Nutrition article: Unlock the full nutrition benefit of Veggies
Recipe: Homemade salad dressing
Food Safety:  Mail Order food safety information
Physical Activity offers some motivation through four tips to help you reach your fitness goals as we head into a new year.
December 2017 (color pdf)
Clean’ labeling
Recipe- It’s a Meal Strata
Food Safety- It’s not always the last thing you ate.
Physical Activity- Staying Active in the Wintertime.
November 2017 (color pdf)
Food Trend:  Have you heard of aquafaba?
Recipe--Chickpea Cookie dough—yum!  This recipe uses aquafaba.
Food Safety tip:  Slowcooker food safety tips for the holiday season.
Physical activity:  Seasonal fitness activities to try.
October 2017 (color pdf)
Instant Pot might help you eat healthier
Recipe --- Red Beans and Rice
Feeling Queasy? Call It’s Easy!
Indulging in Physical Activity
September 2017 (color pdf)
Boxed Meals
Recipe for Ramen skillet
Tips to encourage physical activity in friends and family members.
August 2017 (color pdf)
Do You Have an App for That?
Recipe:  Fruit Pizza
Food Safety Tips for Young Children
Biking for Fitness
July 2017 (color pdf)
Nutrition Article:  Eating Away from Home—Gives several tips for eating healthfully away from home.
Recipe:  Take-Along Trail Mix
Food Safety article:  Picnic Food Safety tips.
Physical Activity article:  It’s Park and Recreation Month—enjoy one of these beautiful summer days a one of our local park and recreation areas.
June 2017 (color pdf)
Recipe safety in cookbooks
Recipe featured-Supreme grilled cheese sandwiches
Making tasty affordable holiday meals
Exercise for weight loss
May 2017 (color pdf)
Nutrition article: What to eat?  Snack Attack
Recipe:   After school Hummus
Food Safety article: It’s in your hands
Physical Activity:  Exercise is Medicine

April 2017 (color pdf)
Online Tools for Healthy Choices---Check out the My Plate website, ChooseMyPlate.gov
Recipe:  Fish Tacos
Food Safety: Seafood Recommendations for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women and Young Children
Physical Activity:  Body Weight Training

March 2017 (color pdf)
Tracking for health—some apps to help you reach your health goals.
Recipe:  Teriyaki Rice Bowl
Dates on Food: Tips to help you determine when food is still safe to eat.
Physical activity—Try swimming to change up your workout.
February 2017 (color pdf)
Build a Better Bowl—Ideas for making a healthy meal in a bowl.
Recipe--- Zesty Whole Grain Salad—Try a new grain in your salad this month—have you had Kamut?
Safe Food on the Big Screen-  Cooking shows are fun to watch, but there’s room to improve when it comes to food safety
Physical Activity---Wearable Technology is a Top Fitness Trend

January 2017 (color pdf)
Recipe - Minestrone Soup
Food Safety - Deep Cleaning the Freezer
Physical Activity - Indoor Activity Ideas
December 2016 (color pdf)
Healthy Gifts from the Heart
Recipe—Popcorn Trail Mix
Take Safe Food to the Potluck
November 2016 (color pdf)
Less Waste, More Money---tips on reducing food waste.
Recipe—Pumpkin Apple Cake
Sponge Safety tips
Tracking Wildlife—tips on identifying animal tracks.

October 2016 (color pdf)
How to Get Your Vitamin D
Loaded Potato Soup recipe
Slow Cookers: Be safe and smart as you use this great kitchen tool
Just Dance is the physical activity article
September 2016 (color pdf)
"Healthy Choices for Healthy Events 
The Real Deal on Raw Flour
Recipe of the month:  Carver Dip
Planks for a Strong Core

August 2016  (color pdf)
Surfing the Web for Accurate Nutrition and Health Information
Recipe:  Apricot Pops
Physical Activity:  Long periods of sitting?  Try some ‘deskercise’.  Get active at your desk!
Food Safety:  A bit about steam canning.

July 2016 (color pdf)
Oganic Does Not Mean Chemical Free
Recipe for Frozen Fruit Cups
Physical Activity: Foam Roll Your Way to Better Fitness

June 2016 (color pdf)
Announcing... a brand new vegetable!
Roasted Kalettes
Buying Fresh Produce? Keep It Fresh?
Move for Thought
May 2016 (color pdf)
Gardening: Top 10 Vegetables to Grow and Eat for Health-Check out this list as you plan your garden.
Summer Bounty Salad—A simple recipe to enjoy your veggies!
Clean Your Way to a Safer Kitchen—Time to spring clean in your kitchen.
Your Brain on Exercise? Tips to boost your brain health.
April 2016 (color pdf)
2016 – International Year of the Pulses.  What’s a pulse you ask?  A pulse is part of the legume family and refers to the dried seed.
Recipe for Lentil Tacos
Food Safety Protection in Iowa: Did you know
What’s Keeping American’s from Moving More?
March 2016 (color pdf)
2015 Dietary Guidelines released-the focus is on small shifts and choosing nutrient dense foods and beverages in place of less healthy choices.
Fish Sandwich recipe-A tasty sandwich option that’s surprisingly quick to make.
Leftovers and Food Safety-Cook safely, store safely and enjoy those leftovers.
Physical Activity Guidelines- some is better than none-check out the physical activity tracker for motivation.
February 2016 (color pdf)
Avocado Oil 101—Trending this year, a new oil!
Recipe this month—Salad Dressing
Health Inspection Records for eating establishments at your Fingertips—check out a new app.
Physical Activity- Functional Fitness

January 2016 (color pdf)
Get Your Brain in Shape: Put Veggies on your plate. Bring on the berries. Don’t overlook omega-3 fatty acids.
The recipe this month is for Salmon Patties.
Winter Weather Emergencies-What Do You Do?
Tips on Safe Winter Fitness.  Watch the weather, layer your clothes, drink your liquids.
December 2015 (color pdf)
“Alzheimer’s Disease: A Weighty Matter
Rise and Shine Breakfast Cobbler
Don’t Let Foodborne Illness Crash Your Holidays
Winter Activities for Burning Calories

November 2015 (color pdf)
Sprouted Foods—A new trend that goes beyond bean sprouts.
Butternut Squash Enchiladas—Yum!
USDA’s Meat and Poultry Hotline- Keep this number handy to avoid Turkey Trauma this Thanksgiving. Exercise Clothing Basics-It’s all about the fabric and the fit.
October 2015 (color pdf)
Save Money, Eat Well has tips on saving money while eating nutritiously.
You’ll find a recipe for Sweet Potato fries and an amazing dip that goes with them.
Tips on safe handling of left overs.
The physical activity article offers five tips on walking with maximum safety and the most success.
September 2015 (color pdf)
Recipe for Safe Food
Broccoli Salad
Superfoods: More than Kale and Quinoa
Get Moving in Your Community
August 2015 (color pdf)
Orthorexia: An Obsession with Eating Pure
Quick Fruit Dessert
Are You Sitting Too Much?
Microwave Safe Containers and Wraps
July 2015 (color pdf)
The Hype about Coconut Oil
Anyday Picnic Salad recipe
Eggs and Poultry: Safe to Eat
Fitness for People with Disabilities
June 2015 (color pdf)
Biggest chunk of calories comes from processed foods, study finds
Pan Fried Tilapia with Orange Sauce
Grill Food safely
Make physical activity a regular part of the day

May 2015 (color pdf)
A Look at Energy Drinks: Paying the Price for Caffeine?
Fruit Smoothie recipe
Home Food Safety Mythbusters
Health Benefits of Bicycling

April 2015 (color pdf)
Reconsidering the Egg
Make ahead Breakfast Burritos
Are you Cooking food Safely
The Garden: Mother Nature’s Gym

March 2015 (color pdf)
The Paleo Diet
Chicken Alfredo Recipe
Keeping it clean-to wash or to use hand sanitizer?
What’s Hot-Bikram Yoga
Also note that this month includes an opportunity to take a voluntary survey regarding the WOW newsletter.
February 2015 (color pdf)
Trending Fad---Activated Carbon
Beef and Vegetable Stir-Fry recipe
Wood or Plastic—Which cutting board is better
Physical Activity—bodyweight training
January 2015 (color pdf)
New Labeling Requirements for Menus and Vending Machines
Beef and Bean Chile Verde recipe
What’s for Dinner?  Safe directions for thawing ground meat in the microwave
Increase your physical activity with Tai Chi

December 2014 (color pdf)
Prebiotics-Probiotics - What is the Difference?
Recipe: Quick Turkey Rice Soup
Making Sense of the Dates
Activity Trackers - Are they for You?
Special Gift! Holiday Idea Booklet

November 2014 (color pdf)
Recycling Food Waste: Waste Not, Want Not?
Recipe: Tzatziki with Pita Chips
Germs in the Kitchen
The Safety of Cross Fit

October 2014 (color pdf)
Healthier Snacks Sold in Schools
No knead whole wheat bread recipe
Brown bag lunch food safety 
Recent research on running
September 2014 (color pdf)
Cleanse Diets:  How to Protect Yourself from Fad Diets
Chicken Fajitas
Get Moving at Work
Ice Cold Facts
August 2014 (color pdf)
Nothing Says Summer Like Peaches
Grilled Peaches
Investigate the Outdoors this Summer
Pet Food & Food Safety
July 2014 (color pdf)
Water is Key to Life
Infused Water
Buying and Selling Local Foods
Cool off While Working out

June 2014 (color pdf)
Milk Myth’s Busted!
Fruit Kabobs & Yogurt Dip
Food Safety in stormy weather
Iowa Games

May 2014 (color pdf)
GREEN – It’s the Color of the Season!
Salad in a Bag
Springtime Learning = Summer Safety
Be Active, No Matter Your Age!

April 2014 (color pdf)
Genetically Modified Organismsn (GMOs) Explained
Scrambled Egg Muffins
Spring:  An Egg-citing Time of Year
Get Motivated to Move

March 2014 (color pdf)
March Into Spring
Quick Pad Thai
Safe Food Home Preservation
The Kitchen Workout

February 2014 (color pdf)
The Diet that is all Fluff
Raspberry Mango Spinach Smoothie
Dating 101

January 2014 (color pdf)
Unravel the Meat Case Confusion
Recipe: Tuscan Pork Loin
Food Safety Mythbusters
Beat the Winter Blues

December 2013 (color pdf)
Leftover Swap - How Safe Is It?
Recipe:  Banana Nog
Safe Eggnog
Clean Up!

November 2013 (color pdf)
Make Your Thanksgiving Meal Last with 'Planned-overs'
Recipe:  Carver Dip
Dishwashers Are For Cleaning, Not Cooking
Choosing the Right Gym for You

October 2013 (color pdf)
A Halloween Treat for Fall Roasted Pumpkin
Recipe: Easy Roasted Veggies
Home Canning 101
Enjoy the Fall Colors in Iowa's State Parks

September 2013 (color pdf)
"Added Sugars" Add Up in Our Diets!
Recipe: Yogurt Parfaits
Eat Fresh Produce, But Handle It Safely
Reduce Screen Time

August 2013 (color pdf)
Buying and Storing Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Recipe: Farmers Market Salad
Food Safety at the Farmers Market
Creek Walking
July 2013 (color pdf)
USDA Standards that Define Food Terms on Packaging
Recipe: Cheesey Pasta with Summer Vegetables
Handwashing 101
Iowa Launches Happy & Healthy Outdoors

June 2013 (color pdf)
Fruits and Vegetables: Nature's Cancer Prevention
Recipe: Spinach Black Bean Salad
Can I Substitute Fresh for Dry Herbs and Spices?
Gardeneing Counts as Physical Activity
May 2013 (color pdf)
Tip-Offs to Find Rip-Offs
Recipe:  Rice Salad with Mango and Black Beans
Teach Kids to be Food Safe
No Workout on Purpose?
April 2013 (color pdf)
Brown Bagging It! Lunches to Go
Recipe: Sweet Potato Bean Burritos
Food Safety Guidelines and Reusable Shopping Bags
Stay Active: Drake Relays Event Promotes Iowa's Healthiest State Initiative

March 2013 (color pdf)
Is it Still Good? Tossing Food that has Expired
Recipe: Meat and Vegetable Macaroni
Spend Smart. Eat Smart.
Got 10 minutes? Then Exercise!

February 2013 (color pdf)
Whole Grain: Give Them the 3-step Test
Recipe: Skillet Lasagna
Storing Whole Grain Safely
Dance Like the Stars!

January 2013 (color pdf)
Does Your Weight Need a New Year's Check-up?
Recipe: Easy Bean Dip
Don't Invite an Unwanted Friend to Your Super Bowl Party!
Try a New Winter Sport

December 2012 (color pdf)
The Appeal of Apples
Recipe: Hurry-up Baked Apples
Checklist for Safe Recipes
Kitchen Calisthenics

November 2012 (color pdf)
Tips to Save Money and Calories on Thanksgiving Dinner
Recipe: Guiltless Pumplin Pie
Thanksgiving Food Safety Quiz
Take Your Cycling Indoors
October 2012 (color pdf)
Get Ready to Rough It with Fiber
Recipe: Apple Dumplings
Mail Order Food Safety
Family Fitness - Get Healthy Together
September 2012 (color pdf)
Harvest and Store Vegetables at Peak Quality
Recipe:  Spaghetti Squash Supper
Back-to-school Nutrition
Time to S-T-R-E-T-C-H

August 2012 (color pdf)
New Labels Required on Meat Packages
Recipe: Watermelon Salsa
Enjoy a Slice of Summer
"TaeBalloon" kickboxing
July 2012 (color pdf)
July is Baked Beans Month
Recipe: Baked Beans
Keep Food Safe this Summer
Physical Activity: Jump Rope
June 2012 (color pdf)
What's your Beef?
Recipe: Spanish Macaroni
Is it Done Yet?
Have a "Ball" with exercise
May 2012 (color pdf)
What Does Gluten-Free Mean?
Recipe: Strawberry, Melon & Avocado Salad
Food Safety: Home-Canned Salsas
Physical Activity: Tennis Anyone?

 April 2012 (color pdf)
Speaking of raw milk
Salmon and veggie bake
Preserve the Taste of Summer
Physical Activity:  Zumba

March 2012 (color pdf)
March is National Nutrition Month
Recipe: Baked Potato with Cheesy Vegetables
Physical Activity: How much is enough?
February 2012 (color pdf)
Sodium Intake for Heart Health
Recipe: Fruit Salsa
Recipe: Cinnamon Chips
Preserve the Taste of  Summer
Physical Activity: Break Time

Janaury 2012    (color pdf)
Taking Action to Improve Your Health
1. Get Fit
2. Rethink Your Drink
3. Try New Foods
Recipe: Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Bake
Tips for Fresh Produce Safety

December 2011 (color pdf)
Celebrating Holidays with Food Allergies
Quick and Easy Holiday Tips for Special Dietary Needs
Recipe: Cranberry-Glazed Carrots
Winter Walking Tips

November 2011 (color pdf)
Enjoying Thanksgiving Dinner When You Have Diabetes
Recipe: Old Fashioned Stuffing
Food Safety Tips for Stuffing
Keeping Active When Its Cold Outside
October 2011 (color pdf)
Vegetarian Diet: Getting the Most Nutrition
Recipe: Amazon Bean Soup
Skating Your Way
Make Safe Food Choices for Pregnancy
September 2011 (color pdf)
Time Out from Take Out
Go Take a Hike
Sack Lunch- Safe at Room Temperature
Natural vs. Added Sugar
August 2011 (color pdf)
Food Safety Goes Mobile
It only takes a few minutes to fuel up
Recipe: Breakfast Splits
July 2011 (Color pdf)
MyPlate Message: Proportions
July Brings New Food Preservation Program
Summer Food Safety Tips
Water Aerobics
May 2011 (Color pdf)
May is National Osteoporosis Awareness Month
Grilling Safety
National Bike Month
April 2011 (Color pdf)
Shake the Salt
Food Safety: Cutting Boards
March 2011 (Color pdf)
March Is National Nutrition Month
Just ‘Tri’ It: Training for a triathlon
Phytochemicals – They’re Good for You
Washing Fresh Produce
February 2011 (Color pdf)
Hearth Health: Will Vitamins Help?
Answerline: It's free, easy to use and a great resource
Valentines Day: Celebrate in Good Health
What's for Dinner? Menu Planning Tool

January 2011 (Color pdf)
Less Sunshine may call for more Vitamin D
Quick Meals for Busy Families
Start 2011 with New & Healthy Habits
The Power is Out! What Do I Do?
November 2010 (Black/White pdf)  (Color pdf)
Roasting a Frozen Turkey
Turkey Leftovers 101
Burning Calories During the Holidays
October 2010  (Black/White pdf)  (Color pdf)
Slow cooking, Safe Cooking
Healthy Tricks and Treats
Harvesting and Storing Vegetables

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