Allamakee County 4-H'er(s) Exhibit Livestock During the 2019 Iowa State Fair

Allamakee County 4-H youth participated in livestock showcase events at the Iowa State Fair.
"Youth gain so many positive skills by exhibiting livestock," Mike Anderson, 4-H agriculture superintendent said. "The dedication, responsibility, decision-making and leadership they develop can prepare them for careers that use these skills."

"During the 4-H program year, members set goals for themselves, and work in partnership with caring adult volunteers and mentors to develop their skills in each of their project areas,” said Morgan Bjerke, County Youth Coordinator at the ISU Extension and Outreach Allamakee County office. “We're pleased that these Allamakee 4-H members have chosen to showcase their successes in project area learning at the Iowa State Fair.”
For more information on 4-H opportunities, please contact the ISU Extension and Outreach Allamakee County office at 563-568-6345, or visit the Iowa 4-H website at
4-H youth from Waukon participated for honors during the Iowa State Fair livestock shows.
Allamakee County exhibitors placed as follows:
Taylor Jackson
*Showmanship (Gr. 5-6)-Purple
*Commercial Heifers – Blue
Tucker Jackson
*Showmanship (Gr. 7-8)-Purple
*Breeding Beef Maintainer- Purple
Landon Reinhardt
*Showmanship (Gr. 11-12)-Purple
*Breeding Beef Simmental-Blue
Blake Stortz
*Breeding Beef Charolais- Purple
Jacob White
*Breeding Beef Angus- Blue
Robert White
*Breeding Beef Angus- Blue

Cheyanne Troendle
*Senior Handling
*Beginners Novice A
*Senior Rally
Brody Anfinson
*Holstein Sr. 3 Year Old—Purple
Kiele Eberling
*Brown Swiss Jr. 3 Year Old — Blue
*Brown Swiss Jr. 3 Year Old — Purple
*Brown Swiss Jr. Calf — Red
*Brown Swiss Summer Yearling — Red
*Brown Swiss Winter Yearling — Red
Elizabeth Fossum
*Holstein Sr. Calf—Blue
*Holstein Winter Yearling—Purple
*Holstein Sr. Yearling—Blue
Thomas Fossum
*Holstein Jr. Calf—Purple
*Holstein Int. Calf—Purple
Andrea Gibbs
*Holstein Sr. Yearling—Blue
*Holstein Sr. 2 Yr Old—Blue
*Holstein 4 Yr Old— Blue
*Holstein Dairy Herd – Purple
*Holstein Summer Yearling - Red
Grace Howe
*Jersey Intermediate Calf—Blue
*Jersey Jr. 2 Yr. Old—Blue
Claire Opperman
*Holstein Int. Calf—Blue
Emma Palmer
*Holstein Senior Calf—Red
Madalyn Palmer
*Holstein Senior Calf—Red
Logan Kucera
*Black Face Commercial Ewes —Blue
*Black Face Commercial Ewes —Blue
*Black Face Market Lambs—Blue
*Black Face Market Lambs—Blue
*Black Face Market Lambs—Blue
Trudy Baxter
*Crossbred Market Barrows– Blue
*Showmanship (Gr. 5-6)-Blue
Wyatt Baxter
*Crossbred Market Barrows– Blue
*Showmanship (Gr. 7-8)-Blue
Alaina Gebel
*Spotted Breeding Swine - Purple
*Crossbred Market Barrows– Purple
*Showmanship (Gr. 7-8)-Blue -->

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