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Embark on an exhilarating journey with 4-H, a global program captivating the hearts of nearly 6 million young people! Youth can experience 4-H through school and community clubs, in-school and after-school programs, and 4-H camps. 4-H programming focuses on the following program project areas: Agriculture and Natural Resources, Communication and the Arts, Healthy Living, Leadership and Civic Engagement, and STEM. 4-H welcomes youth from various backgrounds and passions in grades K-12 - Clover Kids (grades K-3) and 4-H Clubs (grades 4-12).

Enrolling in your county's 4-H program may involve an enrollment fee. Please contact your local County Extension Office to find out more. Financial assistance for individual enrollment fees is available through the Iowa 4-H Foundation.

Ready to start your 4-H adventure? Fill out our interest form below or contact your local County Extension Office to learn more about the endless 4-H opportunities.

Interest Form

Youth Members

I am NEW to 4-H...

  1. Complete a paper 4-H Enrollment Form and Medical Information/Release Form
  2. Turn all forms into the ISU Extension and Outreach Allamakee County Office, 218 7th Ave SE Suite #102 Allamakee St, Waukon, IA, 52172.
  3. Watch your email for a message from our 4-H Online Account system (4hOnline2.0) for log-in information.
  4. Pick your 4-H Club. (For a list of clubs, contact 563-568-6345 or
  5. Pay the annual 4-H membership fee. The county enrollment fees will be evaluated each year by the Allamakee County Extension Council.

I've been in 4-H before, I want to Re-Enroll in 4-H...

  1. Re-Enroll in 4-H through 4honline2.0 (log into your 4hOnline account to re-enroll after September 1, of current year). Deadline for enrollment if May 1 of current year. Here's a Family Enrollment Guide for assistance
  2. Pay the annual 4-H membership fee to your club.  The county enrollment fees will be evaluated each year by the Allamakee County Extension Council.

Leaders and Volunteers

I am a NEW VOLUNTEER in 4-H...
Contact The County Office at 563-568-6345 or for volunteer opportunities and more information.
I've VOLUNTEERED BEFORE in 4-H before, I want to Re-Enroll...

  1. Re-Enroll in 4-H through 4honline2.0 (log into your 4hOnline2.0 account to re-enroll after September 1, of current year). 
  2. If you're a club leader, there are state resources for Volunteers; you can scroll down until you see the 4-H Online Help Documents.Volunteer Resources

Contact The Allamakee County Office at 563-568-6345
The fees for service will be used to off-set direct expenses and to support the 4-H Youth Development Allamakee County Extension Program.

How to become involved in 4-H


Becoming involved in 4-H is much easier than you may think. These are the basic requirements to be a 4-H member:

  • School grade - Anyone in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade can become a 4-H member.  (Students in Grades K-3 are called Clover Kids and they are involved in many of the same things as 4-H'ers in grades 4-12.)
  • Do you want to learn new things? Activities that you participate in will challenge your skills, and you will learn from other kids and adults that truly care about you and what you learn.

Not much to it...simply have an interest in learning new things. Who do you contact? Contact the Allamakee County Extension Office.  Just give a call 563.568.6345 or drop on by.
Want to start now?

  • Pick Your Adventure- this will help you decide which project areas to sign up for.  Remember you can always try something different next year. 
  • 4-H Project Area Guides All - Has all of the current Iowa 4-H project area guides in one downloadable document. A great resource for leaders or county staff who wish to help youth review all of their project area choices. 72 page document

If you are a new family to 4-H, stop in at the Iowa State University Extension & Outreach - Allamakee County Office for an enrollment form or email  If you need help finding a 4-H club to join, the Allamakee County Office can help with that, too.

If you are re-enrolling into 4-H, visit our new enrollment system, 4-H Online 2.0.  For more information on this process you may visit the state 4-H Online help page


Before you are considered a 4-H member, you must be enrolled by May 1.  If you are a new family, all of your paperwork must be turned into the Extension Office.


Information for 4-H Parents
4-H offers many opportunities for you to become involved at the level you feel comfortable. Each level of 4-H offers some exciting opportunities for volunteering, from being a local club leader to volunteering at the Iowa State Fair. Read more about them:

If you have a specific interest in being a volunteer at the county level, feel free to contact the Iowa State University Extension & Outreach - Allamakee County Office. Most counties have opportunities that last from single events to year long activities.