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In partnership with Iowa State’s College of Human Sciences, Human Sciences Extension and Outreach engages you through research-based education, empowering you to live your best life. Our education helps you become closer to family, raise healthy children, talk with your teens, improve relationships, enjoy a lifetime full of memories, save more money, live a healthy life, have access to trusted resources, and care for yourself and others. We invite you to join us in person, virtually, or on-line!

News You Can Use

Here's a newsletter with nutrition information for seniors.  It offers tips and suggestions for eating healthier, balanced meals.  There are simple recipe suggestions and information about food terms and how to read labels.


Vegetables and MyPlate
Canned Carrots
Produce Saving Tips

August is Wellness month

Complementing Plant-Based Proteins
Dry Great Northern Beans and Great Northern Bean Dip
Buying in Bulk- Get More Value for your money

Back to the Basics
Picnic Basket Food Safety
Chewy Granola Bar recipe

Get the Most Bang for Your Nutritional Buck
Whole Wheat Pasta
Food Safety in 4 Simple Steps
Pasta Salad recipe


Lowering Cholesterol with the Diet
Save the Date!
Check Your Storage Temperatures
Apple Cinnamon Bread recipe

Stay Hydrated!
Safe Selections-What NOT to bring home
Whole Wheat Bread in a Bag
Heart Health Month
Canned Collard Greens
Fruits and Vegetables on a Budget
Savory Collard Greens

2021 Newsletters

How to Meet your Age-Related Nutrition Needs
Corn and Rice Cereal
LIHEAP for Joy!
Popcorn Trail Mix recipe
Fiber- Soluble versus Insoluble
Spot Food Spoilage to Stay Safe
Vegetable Chili with Sweet Potato
Topics in the NEWS newsletter:
Iron-Rich Foods For Health
SNAP- For your health
Recipe:  Single Serve Breakfast Bowls

Black Bean Soup recipe
Slower Cooker Safety
Complimentary Proteins


5 Quick - Facts for Vitamin B12
Freezer Tips!
Apple Tuna Sandwiches

Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program
Peanut Butter
Eating the Rainbow in Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Budget Friendly Summer Activities
Peanut Butter Balls

National Osteoporosis Wellness Month
Save the date and limit food waste
Enchilada Rice recipe

Value in Variety
Legal Resources
Apricot Pops recipe

New and Improved My Plate Website Canned Green Bean tips and recipe for Green Bean Sautes Check your Temperature


Learn about the Nutrition Facts Label Recipe on cornbread and chili.


Words on Wellness Newsletter

Welcome to “Words on Wellness,” a monthly newsletter that promotes a healthy lifestyle for Iowans. In each issue, you’ll gain reliable, research-based information about nutrition, exercise, and food safety, and explore the power of incorporating healthy practices into daily living for you and your family.  Download your copy below.

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Handling leftovers and Food Safety
Recipe:  Slow Cooker Pork Chili
The Joy of Physical Activity
Make Better Choices Easier.


2022 Newsletters


What is a Plant-based Diet?
Recipe-Slow Cooker Lentils
Busted: SNAP Myths
Fighting Higher Grocery Prices

How can the updated nutrition facts label help you?
Recipe-Baked Apples
Refrigerator Tetris—Where should the food go?
Food Donations

Shut Off Your Screen for Health
Recipe- Fiesta Skillet Dinner
Stretching Your Food Dollar
Discover Iowa by Trail

WOW topics include:
Protect Your Eyesight
Orange Dressing with Fruit and Greens recipe
Keep Your Picnic Safe
Immune Boosting Adaptogens

Menu Planning Tips and Tricks
Berry and Greens Smoothie recipe
That’s My Jam
Go SNAP, For Healthy Foods

Fermented Foods Support Your Health
Recipe:  Tzatziki and Pita Chips
Food Safety:  Spring Clean Your Refrigerator
Physical Activity:  Tend a Garden to Make Your Health Bloom

Nutrition article:  Meatless Meals
Recipe:  Santa Fe Stuffed Peppers
Food Safety:  Can You Outgrow a Food Allergy?
Physical Activity:  Walk With Ease: A Program for Better Living

Nutrition: March is National Nutrition Month
Recipe:  Thai Curry Chicken
Food Safety: Put the Freeze on Spoiled Food
Physical Activity:   Spend Smart. Eat Smart. Chair Workout

Nutrition- Can Foods Fight the Flu?
Recipe- Vegetable Soup with Kale and Lentils
Food Safety- Stressing Out Can Make you Sick
Physical Activity Melts Stress

Nutrition- Potatoes 101
Recipe- Loaded Potato Soup
Food Safety Myth busters
Encouragement Goes Far


Allamakee County Farmers Market, Waukon

We look forward to seeing you at the Waukon Farmers Market on Mondays, June - September, 3:30-6:00 pm at the Allamakee County Fairgrounds 4-H Foodstand.

  • 2022
  • Allamakee County Fairgrounds
  • Mondays, June 6 - September 26, 3:30-6:00 pm
  • Vendors required to sign a Application/Market Agreement and a copy of your liability insurance coverage
  • $30 vendor fee for the season (15 weeks)
  • The agreement and fee must be turned into the Allamakee County Extension Office PRIOR to attending the market
    Call 563-568-6345

2022 Waukon Market Rules and Regulations, includes list of approved and unapproved items.
2022 Vendor Application/Market Agreement for Waukon Farmers Market

Local Food Directory

(The following handouts are in .pdf format)

Waukon Farmers Market

The Waukon Farmers Market in Waukon will start its eighteenth season on Monday, June 6.  Market times will be from 3:30 p.m.- 6:00 p.m.

For 2022 the Waukon Farmers Market will not be purchasing insurance coverage.  Vendors will need to have their own liability insurance coverage.  Please provide a copy of your liability coverage to the Extension Office. 

The Farmers Market will be held at the Allamakee County Fairgrounds and will have assigned spots. 

Any vendors interested in participating at the Waukon Farmers Market are required to return the following:

  • Farmers Market Agreement
  • Copy of your liability insurance coverage
  • Farmers Market Vendor Fee $10.00 per week up to $30.00

They may be dropped off at the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Allamakee County office in Waukon BEFORE the market starts.  Office hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 p.m.
Allamakee County Extension
218 7th Ave SE, Suite #102

Waukon, IA  52172

We look forward to seeing you during the 2022 growing season.

Please call to 563-568-6345 for any questions.