Publications and Research Reports

Fact Sheets

AQEAA Atmospheric Ammonia: Understanding Its Effects
AQEAA Ammonia Emissions from Cattle- Feeding Operations Part 1 of 2: Issues and Emissions
Dust and Particulates
AQEAA Dust Emissions from Cattle Feeding Operations Part 1 of 2: Sources, Factors and Characteristics
AQEAA Dust Emissions from Cattle-Feeding Operations Part 2 of 2: Abatement
General Air Quality
PM 3062 Air Quality in Bedded Mono-slope Beef Barns
PM 1963a The Science of Smell Part 1: Odor perception and Physiological Response
PM 1963b The Science of Smell Part 2: Odor Chemistry
PM 1963c The Science of Smell Part 3: Odor detection and measurement
PM 1963d The Science of Smell Part 4: Principles of Odor Control
MWPS 18 Section 3 Outdoor Air Quality 
AQEAA Evaluating Air Quality in Livestock Housing Environments
AQEAA  Air Quality Regulation of Animal Agriculture
AQEAA Airborne Emissions Sources and Management on Animal Agriculture Production Systems
AE 3606 Hydrogen Sulfide Safety – Monitoring
AE 3604 Hydrogen Sulfide Safety – Manure Agitation
AE 3605 Hydrogen Sulfide Safety – Barn Ventilation at Cattle Facilities
AE 3606 Hydrogen Sulfide Safety – Swine Barn Ventilation
Hydrogen Sulfide
AQEAA Hydrogen Sulfide Emissions from Open/Dry-Lot Cattle-Feeding Operations
PM 1990 Instruments for Measuring Concentrations and Emissions Rates of Gasses and Particulates From Animal Feeding Operations
AQEAA Odor Measurement for Animal Agriculture
AQEAA Bioaerosol Sampling in Animal Environments
Structures and Practices
Air Management Practices Assessment Tool
AEQAA Biofilters for Odor and Air Pollution Mitigation in Animal Agriculture
AQEAA Diet and Feed Management to Mitigate Airborne Emissions
AQEAA Covers for Mitigating Odor and Gas Emission in Animal Agriculture: An Overview
AQEAA Impermeable Covers for Odor and Air Pollution Mitigation in Animal Agriculture: A Technical Guide
AQEAA Permeable Covers for Odor and Air Pollution Mitigation in Animal Agriculture: A Technical Guide
AQEAA Wet Scrubbers for Mechanically Ventilated Animal Facilities
AQEAA Additives for Improving Hog Farm Air Quality
AQEAA Poultry Litter Amendments
FS925-D Covers for Manure Storage Units


Research Reports

Tyson Broiler Ammonia Emission Monitoring Project 09/14/2007
AS Leaflet R2131 Adding Fiber to the Diet of Laying Hens Reduces Ammonia Emissions
AS Leaflet R2135 Update on Ammonia Emission Mitigation for Egg Facilities
General Air Quality
Summary of performance data for technologies to control gaseous, odor and particulate emissions from livestock operations: Air management practices assessment tool (AMPAT)
2014 Selected Current ISU Livestock Odor and Air Quality Research and Extension
Air Issues Associated with Animal Agriculture: A North American Perspective
Living with Hogs in Iowa: The Impact of Livestock Facilities on Rural Residential Property Values
Air Emissions from Animal Feeding Operations: Current Knowledge, Future Needs

National Center for Manure and Animal Waste Management - white paper summaries, including:

  • Odor Mitigation for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations
  • Site Selection of Animal Operations Using Air Quality Criteria
  • Manipulation of Animal Diets to Affect Manure Production, Composition and Odors: State of the Science
  • Ammonia Emissions from Animal Feeding Operations
  • Particulate Matter Emissions from Confined Animal Feeding Operations: Management and Control Measures
  • Health Effects of Aerial Emissions from Animal Production and Waste Management Systems
  • Air Quality and Emissions from Livestock and Poultry Production/Waste Management Systems
Whence Come Hog Manure Odors?
AS Leaflet R1924 Survey Monitoring of Air Quality from Bedded Swine Systems
Comparison of Ambient Odor Assessment Techniques in a Controlled Environment
Characterization and Quantification of Livestock Odorants using Sorbent Tube Sampling and Thermal Desorption coupled with Multidimensional Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry-Olfactometry
Assessment of a Two-Stage Wood Chip-Based Biofilter Using Solid-Phase Microextraction and Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry-Olfactometry
Structures and Practices
AS Leaflet R1785 Bio-filter effectiveness on Ten-Stall Farrowing Building Pit Exhaust a Demonstration Project
AS Leaflet R1787B Effects of Manure Storage Time and Filling Scheme on Odor and Headspace Analysis Using Simulated Manure Storage Pits
AS Leaflet R1393 Treating Ventilation Exhaust Air for Odor Control
Treatment of Livestock Odor and Pathogens with Ultraviolet Light
Odor reduction during biofiltration as affected by air flow rate and media moisture content
Partial Biofiltration of Exhaust from a Hybrid Ventilated Deep-Pit Swine Finisher Barn
Novel Treatment of Odor and VOCs Using Photolysis
Odor Reduction During Biofiltration as affected by air flow rates and media moisture content