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Iowa Farmland Rental Rates 1994-2013 (USDA)

File C2-09
Updated September, 2013

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Cropland rental rates averaged $255 per acre in 2013, up $20 per acre from 2012. This was the highest value ever recorded. Cash rent for pastures averaged $49 per acre in 2013, up $3 from the previous year. Rent as a percentage of land value was slightly lower than in 2012 at 3.0 percent.

For more localized information about cash rental rates, ask for the Cash Rental Rates for Iowa 2013 Survey (AgDM File C2-10) at the ISU Extension and Outreach office in your county or find it online at www.extension.iastate.edu/Publications/FM1851.pdf, or AgDM File C2-10.

Estimated Farmland Rental Rates - Iowa


William Edwards, retired economist. Questions?