2022 Updates

December 2022
Newsletter Articles
Record Iowa farmland values despite concerns about higher inflation, interest rates  
Position in cattle cycle impacts replacement prices  
Cover crops in Iowa: New survey results  
Oceans are becoming acidic  
Farm Transitions Conference to be held in Ames February 9-10, 2023  
The struggles in international trade  
Information Files  
How to Grow and Sell Carbon Credits in US Agriculture -- A1-76  
Deductible Livestock Costs for Adjusting 2022 Income Tax Returns -- B1-15  
Suggested Closing Inventory Prices -- C1-40  
2022 Iowa State University Farmland Value Survey -- C2-70  
Decision Tools  
Historical Farmland Value Survey -- C2-70  
Voiced Media  
Ag Market Outlook Dec. 13, 2022  


November 2022
Newsletter Articles
Crop insurance may affect tax planning decisions  
Warming oceans raise sea level  
Census countdown begins for Iowa’s farmers and ranchers  
The early view for 2023  
Registration open for Women in Ag Leadership Conference  
Incentives matter for conservation practice adoption  
Information Files  
Cash Corn and Soybean Prices -- A2-11  
Deductible Livestock Costs for Adjusting 2022 Income Tax Returns -- B1-15  


October 2022
Newsletter Articles
Big inventory swings in some hog states  
Melting snow and ice raises sea level  
Export concerns  
Pro Ag Outlook and Management series begins in November  
Information Files  
Grain Harvesting and Handling (GH2) System Sizing Tool -- A3-42  
Farmland Value Survey – REALTORS® Land Institute -- C2-75  
Setting Your Price -- C5-17  
Creating a Return/Risk Profile for an Equity Investment -- C5-214  
Decision Tools  
Supplemental Coverage Option (SCO) and Enhanced Coverage Option (ECO) County Yield History for Iowa -- A1-44  
Voiced Media  
Carbon Markets  
Carbon Markets (extended version)  


September 2022
Newsletter Articles
Farmland values, cash rents surge in 2022  
Voices of Iowa women farmland owners  
Disentangling input and output price relationships  
Arctic sea ice is disappearing  
This year’s drought had some bite  
Information Files  
Corn and Soybean Loan Rates -- A1-34  
Grain Harvesting and Handling (GH2) System Sizing Tool -- A3-42  
Peter Drucker and Innovation -- C5-10  
Decision Tools  
GH2 System Sizing Tool -- A3-42  
Estimated Returns by Farm Lease Agreement -- C2-01  
Crop Share Lease Analysis -- C2-30  
Calculating a Weighted Average Corn Suitability Rating 2 -- C2-87  
Comprehensive Financial Statements -- C3-56  


August 2022
Newsletter Articles
Strong beef demand boosts cull bull market  
Mixed messages  
Scientific agreement on climate change  
Information Files  
Iowa Fruit and Vegetable Production Budgets -- A1-17  
Margin Protection Crop Insurance -- A1-53  
Iowa Farmland Rental Rates (USDA) -- C2-09  
Financial Performance Measures for Iowa Farms -- C3-55  
Decision Tools  
Iowa Fruit and Vegetable Production Budgets -- Asparagus -- A1-17  
Iowa Fruit and Vegetable Production Budgets -- Red Raspberries -- A1-17  
Iowa Fruit and Vegetable Production Budgets -- Strawberries -- A1-17  


July 2022
Newsletter Articles
The acreage debate is still not settled  
Comparing the stock market and Iowa land values: A question of timing  
Is the Earth’s warming just natural variability?  
Hog producers rationally responding to market signals  
Evaluating production metrics in relation to sustainability in a wean-to-finish barn  
Information Files  
Livestock Enterprise Budgets for Iowa -- B1-21  
Value of Manure Nutrients -- B1-65  
Assessing Economic Opportunity of Improving Mortality Rate in Breed-to-Wean Swine Production -- B1-79  
Farmland Lease Annual Report -- C2-06  
Everyone has a Role in Cybersecurity -- C6-59  
Decision Tools  
Livestock Enterprise Budgets for Iowa -- B1-21 (12x)  
Manure Calculator -- B1-65  
Pig Survivability Project: Wean-to-finish mortality economic modeling -- B1-79  


June 2022
Newsletter Articles
Returns to farmland ownership in Iowa  
Many factors could support, derail cattle inventory trends  
Are volcanic eruptions warming the earth?  
Statewide farmland leasing and management workshops address factors impacting 2023 farmland leases  
Strength in international sales  
Information Files  
Iowa Farm Costs and Returns -- C1-10  
Liquidity Analysis of Iowa Farms: Record Net Farm Revenues Provide Cushion Against Market Risks -- C1-12  
Historical County Cropland Rental Rates -- C2-11  
Voiced Media  
Chad Hart’s Latest Ag Outlook  


May 2022
Newsletter Articles
Highest increase in cash rental rates in a decade  
Detailing the supply curve for beef  
Will an agricultural carbon market ever develop?  
Early adjustments  
Is the sun causing the earth to warm?  
Information Files  
Supplemental Coverage Option (SCO) and Enhanced Coverage Option (ECO) -- A1-44  
Important Crop Insurance Dates -- A1-50  
Hedging of Livestock -- B2-50  
Livestock Options Market -- B2-52  
Cash Rental Rates for Iowa Survey -- C2-10  
Farmland Value Survey (Realtors Land Institute) -- C2-75  
Decision Tools  
Delayed and Prevented Planting Evaluator -- A1-57  


April 2022
Newsletter Articles
Consumers respond to meat price differences  
Has the earth’s climate changed before?  
Hogs and pigs inventory contraction continues  
Custom rate survey shows average costs of common farming practices  
Information Files  
Iowa Corn Price Basis -- A2-41  
Iowa Soybean Price Basis -- A2-42  
July Corn Basis -- A2-43  
July Soybean Basis -- A2-44  
Options Tools to Reduce Price Risk -- A2-67  
Options Tools to Enhance Price -- A2-68  
Crop Price Options Fence -- A2-69  


March 2022
Newsletter Articles
Ukraine, Russia, and crops  
Some quirks but typical beef market trends expected  
The importance of water vapor  
Information Files  
Historical Corn Yields by County -- A1-12  
Historical Soybean Yields by County -- A1-13  
Corn and Soybean County Yields -- A1-14  
Crop Marketing Terms -- A2-05  
Corn and Soybean Price Basis -- A2-40  
Crop Price Hedging Basics -- A2-60  
Crop Price Options Basics -- A2-66  
Iowa Farm Custom Rate Survey -- A3-10  


February 2022
Newsletter Articles

Drought elsewhere helps

The role of ozone in global warming  
Iowa’s beef cow herd is off and running  
Farm Financial Planning Program helps producers analyze their numbers  
Information Files  
Historical Costs of Crop Production -- A1-21  
Livestock Planning Prices -- B1-10  
Lean Hog Basis - Iowa/Minnesota -- B2-41  
Live Cattle Basis - Iowa/Minnesota -- B2-42  
Feeder Cattle Basis - Iowa -- B2-43  
Feeder Steer-Heifer Price Spread -- B2-45  
Historical Hog and Lamb Prices -- B2-10  
Historical Cattle Prices -- B2-12  
Building Equity in Your Farm -- C3-60  


January 2022
Newsletter Articles
Cost management critical for a profitable crop season  
Sorting out hog production shocks  
Explore the essentials of a successful farm transition  
Farmers and cybersecurity  
Summarizing the 2021 crop year  
Black carbon - the power of soot  
Information Files  
Estimated Costs of Crop Production -- A1-20  
Farm Bill Programs: Data and Methods for ARC-County and PLC -- A1-33  
Suggested Closing Inventory Prices -- C1-40  
Benchmarking Family Living Expenses in Agriculture -- C3-66  
Decision Tools  
Estimated Costs of Crop Production Decision Tools (13) -- A1-20  
ARC-CO & PLC Per Acre Payment Estimator for Iowa, 2022-2023 -- A1-33 (Decision Tool)  
ARC-CO & PLC Per Acre Payment Estimator by Crop and County for Iowa, 2021-2022 -- A1-33 (Decision Tool)  
Benchmarking Family Living Expenses in Agriculture -- C3-66 (Decision Tool)  



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