Whole Farm -- Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning
Information Files
Strategic Management Concepts -- C6-39pdf file   
Glossary of Strategic Planning Terms -- C6-40 pdf file   teaching activity  
Strategic Management for Farm Businesses -- C6-41 pdf file   teaching activity  
Setting Personal, Family and Business Goals for Business Success -- C6-42 pdf file      
What is Important to Me? -- C6-43 pdf file      
External Scanning - Industry Analysis -- C6-44 pdf file      
Internal Scanning -- C6-45 pdf file      
Farm Business Strategies -- C6-46 pdf file      
Growth Strategies by Type of Farm -- C6-47 pdf file      
Portfolio Analysis and Enterprise Strategy Development -- C6-48 pdf file      
New Ways of Thinking About Your Farm Business -- C6-49 pdf file      


Download file in pdf format pdf file      
Decision tool xls file    
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