Costs & Returns
Pasture, Rangeland and Forage Insurance -- A1-48
Hail Damage Can Affect Crop Insurance Yields -- A1-49
Basics of Crop Insurance -- A1-58
Whole Farm Revenue Crop Insurance -- A1-60
Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program -- A1-61
Economics of Cover Crops -- A1-91
Choosing Units for Crop Insurance – A1-55
Late and Prevented Planting – Lessons learned from 2019  -- A1-57
Specialty Crop Insurance Options -- A1-62
Carbon Markets -- A1-77
Carbon Markets (extended version) -- A1-77


Storage & Markets
Introduction to Crop Marketing
ISU Crop Marketing Information
Basis, Futures Carry and the Cost of Storage
Market Fundamentals (Supply/Demand)
Technical Chart Signals
Seasonal Price Trends
Crop Marketing Strategies
Marketing Tools: Futures
Marketing Tools: Options
Developing a Crop Marketing Plan
Risk Management Practices: Pre-Harvest Marketing New Crop -- A2-55


Custom Farming -- A3-15


Risk Management Practices: Organic No-Till Grain Production with Cover Crops -- A1-92



Costs & Returns
Livestock Risk Management -- B1-50
Risk Management Options for Dairy Producers -- B1-53
Risk Management Tools for Small to Medium Sized Cattle Feeders -- B1-54


Risk Management Practices: Small- to Medium- Size Swine Producers -- B2-25


Whole Farm

For replays of recent Farm Management Webinars, visit the events page.

Improving Your Farm Lease Contract - How to Determine a Reasonable Rent -- C2-01
Addressing Where to Start When Negotiating Farmland Rental Rates -- C2-01
Landowner-Producer Communication and Agreements -- C2-01
-- Part 1 -- Resources, Survey, Communication
-- Part 2 -- Legal issues, Written leases, Lease termination, Conservation, Managing Stress
-- Part 3 -- How to use the cash rent survey, Methods to set cash rents, Flexible cash rent
2016 Iowa Farmland Leasing - Rental Rates -- C2-01
2016 Iowa Farmland Leasing - Communication -- C2-01
2016 Iowa Farmland Leasing - Legal Issues -- C2-01
2016 Iowa Farmland Leasing - Farm Program Payments -- C2-01
2016 Iowa Farmland Leasing - Cost of Production -- C2-01
2016 Iowa Farmland Leasing - Estimating a Rental Rate -- C2-01
Legal Issues of Farmland Leasing – Center for Ag Law and Taxation
Farmland Leasing Overview -- C2-20
Farmland Communication & Stewardship -- C2-20
Farmland Owners Workshop Webinar Replay -- C2-20
Flexible Cash Farm Leases -- C2-21


Land Values
Land vs Stock Market -- C2-79
Webinar - Comparing Farmland Return on Investment versus the Stock Market  -- C2-79
Computing the Iowa Corn Suitability Rating for your Farm -- C2-87
Economics of Tiling -- C2-90


Farm Operation's Cash Flow Budgeting -- C3-15
Understanding Farm Mediation -- C3-53
Tips for Managing Margins -- C3-58
Risk Management Practices: Financial Benchmarking -- C3-64
How to Measure Farm Family Living Expenses -- C3-66


Transition & Estate Planning
Substitute Decision-Making: Who Can Make Decisions When You Cannot? -- C4-54
Building Your Professional Team -- C4-55


Human Resources
Risk Management Practices: Avoid Employment Pitfalls on the Dairy Farm -- C1-83
Worker Misclassification on the Farm -- C6-58


US - China Agricultural Trade under Phase-One Trade Deal and Coronavirus



Co-op 101
Historic Foundations
Ownership and Governance
How Cooperatives Differ
Economic Benefits
Benefits to Employees


Understanding Ag Cooperatives’ Equity and Patronage


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