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Climate Change
Newsletter Articles
Global warming - impact of climate change on global agriculture -- October 2008      
Global warming - impacts of global climate change on the Midwest -- July 2008        
Global warming - more on bio-fuels -- June 2008        
Global warming - are bio-fuels good or bad? -- May 2008        
Global warming - agriculture‚Äôs impact on greenhouse gas emissions -- April 2008        
Global warming - impact of greenhouse gases -- March 2008        
Global warming - the science -- February 2008        
Global warming - complete article series        
Voiced Media
Overview of policy for utilities and transportation costs - James Bushnell, Iowa State University, Cargill Chair in Energy Economics and Director of BIC - February 2010        
Implications for crop production - Pat Westhoff, University of Missouri, FAPRI - February 2010        
Implications for livestock production - Tristan Brown, Iowa State University, CARD - February 2010        
Putting the pieces together - Chad Hart, Iowa State University Extension - February 2010        


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Weights and Measurements
Information Files
Metric Conversions -- C6-80 pdf file xls file teaching activity  
Energy Measurements and Conversions -- C6-86 pdf file      
Liquid Fuel Measurements and Conversions -- C6-87 pdf file      
Biomass Measurements and Conversions -- C6-88 pdf file      
Natural Gas and Coal Measurements and Conversions -- C6-89 pdf file      


Newsletter Articles
USDA to prepare carbon measurement and management guidelines -- March 2011        


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