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Tracking the Profitability of Ethanol Production -- D1-10        
Tracking Biodiesel Profitability -- D1-15        
Midwest Ethanol Prices - (xls)        
Ethanol Basis - (xls)        
Fuel vs. Grain (updated quarterly - xls)        
Fuel vs. Grain (updated annually - xls)        


Climate Change
Newsletter Articles
The impact of climate change on world agriculture -- August 2018        
The impact of climate change on Midwest agriculture -- July 2018        
Global warming - impact of climate change on global agriculture -- October 2008        
Global warming - impacts of global climate change on the Midwest -- July 2008        
Global warming - more on bio-fuels -- June 2008        
Global warming - are bio-fuels good or bad? -- May 2008        
Global warming - agriculture’s impact on greenhouse gas emissions -- April 2008        
Global warming - impact of greenhouse gases -- March 2008        
Global warming - the science -- February 2008        
Global warming - complete article series        


Information Files
Financing for Biofuel Projects - Stoel Rives, LLC        
Real Estate - Stoel Rives, LLC        
Siting and Permitting - Stoel Rives, LLC      
Setting up Shop - Stoel Rives, LLC        
Tax Issues - Stoel Rives, LLC        
Technology Licensing - Stoel Rives, LLC        
The Most Critical Contracts - Stoel Rives, LLC        
Newsletter Articles


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