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Your input sought on Evaluating Your Estate Plan materials

AgDM Newsletter
May 2012

There is a new Ag Decision Maker category under Whole Farm – Transition and Estate Planning. Fourteen new Information Files were added to this category this spring and we want to know if they are helpful to you. We invite you to complete the online survey at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/eyep2012. Survey responses take less than five minutes, participation is completely voluntary, and responses will be confidential. It is important to us to have your feedback – it will guide our decisions to update current materials and create new publications. The Information Files are developed with funding from a North Central Risk Management Education Center grant.

If you have any questions on this evaluation or the Evaluating Your Estate Plan materials or program, please contact us at agdm@iastate.edu or call 641-732-5574. These Information Files are created for your use – please complete the survey so we can provide the information you need in our publications and program.