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Gearing up for summer leasing meetings

AgDM Newsletter
June 2014

Farm tenants and land owners are invited to Iowa State University Extension and Outreach farmland leasing meetings during July and August. The three-hour workshops are designed to assist landowners, tenants and other agri-business professionals with current issues related to farmland ownership, management and leasing agreements.

Each workshop attendee will receive a current set of beneficial materials regarding farm leasing arrangements and farmland ownership. Resources on farmland surveys and leasing arrangements also are included.

Topics to be covered in the 2014 meetings include:

  • Nutrient Reduction Strategy
  • Iowa Cash Rental Rate Survey and Land Values Survey
  • Comparison of different types of leases
  • Lease termination
  • Impacts of yields and prices
  • Calculating a fair cash rent
  • Use of spreadsheets for leasing decisions
  • Issues unique to this year’s production and an outlook for 2015.
  • Available Internet resources

The leasing meetings being held across Iowa are facilitated by farm management specialists with ISU Extension and Outreach. A listing of county extension offices hosting the meetings will be available on Ag Decision Maker and the ISU Extension and Outreach calendar. Locations will be added as they become available, or contact your county extension office to find the nearest meeting location.

Knowing the latest information and where to find the best resources will make decisions easier. ISU Extension and Outreach and Ag Decision Maker have very helpful information and decision tools.

The Ag Decision Maker leasing section also provides useful materials for negotiating leases, information on various types of leases, lease forms and newly updated Decision Tools.


Ann M. Johanns, extension program specialist, 641-732-5574, aholste@iastate.edu