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Yuko Sato

One of the priorities atop Yuko Sato’s list when looking for a job after graduation was that the university have a strong extension program. That university turned out to be Iowa State, to the benefit of poultry famers across the state.

Wendong Zhang

Wendong Zhang came to Ames, Iowa ready to carry on two of Iowa State University Extension and Outreach’s longest traditions. The Iowa Land Value Survey has been conducted since 1941 and the companion Soil Management and Land Valuation Conference is the longest running conference at Iowa State, both are now under the extension economist’s care.

Leo Timms

When Leo Timms accepted a job at Iowa State in 1984, he voiced a confession to his wife. He was scared.

“I didn’t think I could find a better job. I thought right from the beginning that this was a place I could see myself retiring from,” said Timms, a Morrill professor of animal science and extension dairy specialist. “That’s a pretty big thought to have when you are just starting your career.”

Angie Rieck-Hinz

One of Angie Rieck-Hinz’s first encounters with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach came just after her college graduation as she was working as a soil conservationist in southwest Wisconsin. She attended a watershed and water quality field day hosted by ISU Extension and Outreach and enjoyed what she heard. When an offer came to do both research and extension work while pursuing a Master’s degree in soil fertility at Iowa State, Rieck-Hinz jumped at the opportunity.

Joe Morris

Despite being an Iowa native, Joe Morris never thought he’d spend his career doing research, teaching and extension work in his home state. But after a decade in finishing his Ph.D and starting his academic career in Texas and Mississippi, Morris found himself back in Iowa as a professor of natural resources ecology and management at Iowa State. Nearly 30 years later, Morris has made his mark on Iowa by helping Iowans learn how to manage the aquatic natural resources the state has to offer.

Arlene Enderton

Arlene Enderton’s interaction with Fred Kirschenmann, the former director of the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture at Iowa State, while she was a student unknowingly put her on a path to working at Iowa State.

“I was impressed that a center focused on sustainable agriculture existed at Iowa State and that the director gave time to meet with me and even lent me some of his books,” Enderton said.

When searching for a job years later Enderton remembered the positive interaction and eventually landed a job in the Leopold Center. That position helped lead to her current post with the Farm, Food, and Economic Development program with ISU Extension and Outreach, where she collects and analyzes data on grant-funded projects.

Betsy Danielson

Betsy Danielson has spent nearly a decade working for Iowa State University Extension and Outreach as a program specialist. She focuses on the Pesticide Safety Education program, working to keep those who use pesticides educated and safe.

Craig Chase

Craig Chase has spent a large portion of his time lately helping facilitate the merger of the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Local Foods and Value Added Agriculture programs. The two programs were combined into the Farm, Food and Enterprise Development program in April 2019.

“The integration between the former Local Foods program and Value Added Agriculture program allows us to meet a broader program need – starting either new farms or value added businesses related to food,” Chase said. “I think combining the two programs will add strength to being able to meet the needs of that clientele, especially when adding the business development component.”

Tom Miller

Tom Miller joined Iowa State University Extension and Outreach intending to assist the organization for a short period of time before returning to his farm full-time. Twenty years later Miller, who is a swine field specialist in southeast Iowa, is now ready to retire from ISU Extension and Outreach, having turned that short-term appointment into an impactful career.

Kristina TeBockhorst

Kristina TeBockhorst saw the value in Iowa State University Extension and Outreach before being hired as an agricultural engineering specialist.

“I chose to pursue a career with ISU Extension and Outreach after working with Iowa State faculty with extension appointments and seeing the important work of extending research out to Iowans that need and utilize the information every day,” TeBockhorst said.