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Expanding Grape and Hops Production

With over 100 licensed wineries and 270 commercial vineyards, Iowa’s wine industry has a 420 million dollar impact on the state’s economy. Iowa State University Extension and Outreach strives to help producers be successful. Video length 4:46

Ag Decision Maker

planter in fieldA simple idea to get updated information into the hands of farmers and ag lenders spurred the creation of Ag Decision Maker. Since its inception in 1979, Ag Decision Maker has become one of Iowa State University Extension and Outreach’s most valuable tools. Video length: 4:47

Managing Weeds, Insects and Diseases in Iowa Fields

image of insects on soybean leafIowa State University Extension and Outreach is helping Iowa farmers manage weeds, insects and diseases in their fields. Pest management is key to high yields and quality grain. ISU Extension and Outreach specialists are working to provide the tools and resources farmers need to manage those pests. And the ISU Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic can help farmers and homeowners alike identify diseases and insects that are impacting production. Video length: 4:10

Utilizing Manure Value on Iowa Livestock Farms

manure spreader in fieldIowa State University Extension and Outreach is helping farmers and livestock producers manage their manure supplies. Environmental stewardship, safe handling, and providing crops with the nutrients they need are priorities for Iowa farmers. Video length: 3:16

Promoting Safe Local Food in Iowa

green peppersAt Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, our goal is to empower Iowa’s growers and producers through the latest information on food safety guidelines and laws, providing information on industry standards and training on good agricultural practices. Video length: 3:36

Protecting Natural Resources

squirrelIowa is home to abundant natural resources. And since 97 percent of the land in Iowa is privately owned, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach is working with landowners to manage the natural resources on their land for sustainability, profit and for improved quality of life. Video length: 4:41