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dairy territory mapThe dairy team provides educational programming focused on improved profitability, financial management, herd health and nutrition, milk quality, reproduction, facilities, milking procedures and systems (including low cost parlors and robotic milking systems), cow comfort and welfare, forage quality, calves and heifers, transition cows, heat abatement, manure systems or other production and management aspects, including employee training and bilingual resources. They also focus on consumer and youth education, focused on understanding on farm dairy practices, animal and environmental stewardship, sustainability, and dairy product quality and safety.

Dairy specialists are located throughout the state and on the Iowa State University campus to conduct research and provide education to farmers across Iowa. Contact a specialist in your area today.

Farm Management

farm management specialist map of iowaThe farm management team provides Iowa farm owners and operators the latest in research-based information. The team educates Iowans on farm financial and risk management, instructs on government programs (such as the farm bill and crop insurance), provides guidance on strategic and business planning, examines environmental management policies, and informs on agricultural marketing tools and supply chains.


swine territory mapWith specialists in the field and located on the Iowa State University campus, the Iowa Pork Industry Center works to promote efficient pork production technologies in Iowa, maintain Iowa's pork industry leadership and strengthen rural development efforts. Through IPIC, Iowa producers are provided accurate and timely information to aid in making their operations more efficient and profitable.


crops team territory mapThe crops team focuses on integrated management for sustainable agriculture with three priorities: crops (production and grain storage), soils (soil fertility and nutrient management, and soil management), and pests (weed, plant disease and insect resistance). Specialists at the Iowa State University campus and around the state help clients understand the importance of food security and environmental stewardship.