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Researching Agriculture Drainage and Water Quality

cover crop grass in corn stalks

The ag drainage and water quality research site near Gilmore City, Iowa has been operating for over 25 years to improve the quality of water in Iowa. Funds provided by state and local organizations has helped Iowa State University Extension and Outreach specialists give farmers science-based data to change farm practices and improve the quality of water around the state. Video length: 6:18

Crops and Soil Resources

corn plantLooking for information on crops and soil? Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Agriculture and Natural Resources provides several resources to help crop production, pest control, soil management, and much more.  Want to contact one of our specialist directly? Go to the crops staff directory page to find someone in your area.


crops team territory mapThe crops team focuses on integrated management for sustainable agriculture with three priorities: crops (production and grain storage), soils (soil fertility and nutrient management, and soil management), and pests (weed, plant disease and insect resistance). Specialists at the Iowa State University campus and around the state help clients understand the importance of food security and environmental stewardship.