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Craig Chase

Craig Chase has spent a large portion of his time lately helping facilitate the merger of the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Local Foods and Value Added Agriculture programs. The two programs were combined into the Farm, Food and Enterprise Development program in April 2019.

“The integration between the former Local Foods program and Value Added Agriculture program allows us to meet a broader program need – starting either new farms or value added businesses related to food,” Chase said. “I think combining the two programs will add strength to being able to meet the needs of that clientele, especially when adding the business development component.”

Tom Miller

Tom Miller joined Iowa State University Extension and Outreach intending to assist the organization for a short period of time before returning to his farm full-time. Twenty years later Miller, who is a swine field specialist in southeast Iowa, is now ready to retire from ISU Extension and Outreach, having turned that short-term appointment into an impactful career.

Alejandro Plastina

Research fuels extension programming, and good extension programming can help inform research. That cycle of information is part of what drew Alejandro Plastina to Iowa State University and what guides his work as an assistant professor and extension economist.

“A strong research program is key to a valuable extension program,” Plastina said. “And feedback from extension to research is critical to maintain the relevance of the latter and fulfill the mandate of the Land Grant System.”

Jennifer Bentley

Providing timely information and guidance for dairy farmers in Iowa is what drives Jennifer Bentley, a dairy specialist with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.

“My goal is to help farmers and related industry to improve best management practices for their dairy operation,” Bentley said.

That task has changed some as the COVID-19 pandemic reached Iowa this spring. Bentley and the rest of the dairy team have compiled a list of resources to help dairy farmers cope with the new set of challenges they are facing.

Virgil Schmitt

Virgil Schmitt’s Iowa State career can be traced back to the power of technology. Growing up in eastern Iowa, Schmitt’s father was a faithful listener of WOI radio reporter Dallas McGinnus’ market and agricultural news report.

“By the time I was eight years old, I knew I wanted to be a student at Iowa State,” Schmitt said. “As a student at Iowa State, I got the feeling that this could be my home. I feel like I have two homes, one in eastern Iowa and one in Ames.”

Billy Beck

Forestry – the science, art, and business of creating, managing, and conserving forests and associated resources in a sustainable manner to meet desired goals, needs, and values.

This definition of forestry from the Society of American Foresters perfectly fits Billy Beck’s approach to his research and extension programming at Iowa State. Although he’s been with ISU Extension and Outreach in his current role for just one year, Beck has jumped in with a clear approach to improving natural forest lands across the state.

“The ultimate goal of my extension programming is that trees, forests, and forestry are truly valued for the innumerable environmental, economic, and social benefits they provide to Iowans,” Beck said. “For me, this value is manifested when Iowans actively establish, manage, and protect our forest resources.”