Cold weather and the associated stress that comes with it is unavoidable in the Midwest. Adequate planning and advance preparation can help to reduce the impact of cold on cattle welfare, health and performance. This publication provides several management practices that can help reduce the impact of cold stress on cattle.
This publication is the culmination of an Iowa Beef Center project that was designed to identify costs, environmental impacts and best practices for Iowa cow-calf operations. The project looked into three types of production systems - traditional grazing, extensive grazing and limited or no grazing - with the goal of developing decision aids and educational tools to assist cow-calf producers across all production systems and improve sustainability of the cow-calf segment in Iowa.IowanEntrepreneurship
Container gardens are a great way to grow plants in limited spaces. Look here for tips on choosing containers and plants, as well as tips on maintenance.
Several perennials that bloom in early spring are often forgotten about among flowers like crocuses and daffodils. Learn how pig squeak, heartleaf brunnera, Lenten rose, candytuft, crested iris, Virginia bluebells, moss phlox, lungwort or Bethlehem sage, pasque flower, and bloodroot could enhance your garden.